To create this drink: Even if you (or your friends) are not a fan of vodka, we hope that you will take a chance on the delicious vodka cranberry and try out one of the recipes above next time you want to show off your mixologist skills. You can mix drinks individually, set up a festive drink station and allow guests to mix their own, or fill a big punch bowl right before the party. Because you’ll be using peach vodka, you don’t have to worry about adding in orange and/or lime juice. Pour about 1 1/2 oz. INGREDIENTS. This item is not available for in-store pickup in your area. You've heard of the Long Island iced tea, right? Grenadine is a pomegranate-flavored syrup, so when you see a variation of that name on a liqueur bottle, you can expect the same flavor. & used lite cranberry juice instead of pomegranate… With the winter warmer mulled sangria, you can share the experience with friends on a chilly day. The poinsettia has long been a favorite Champagne cocktail for the holidays. Long Beach Iced Tea. Shake gently and strain into a chilled martini glass. Sweet and refreshing the Patrón pomegranate is an incredibly simple recipe. If you switch … To create this drink: Sweet peach takes the vodka cranberry in a whole new direction, one that’s both tasty and a good homage to the original flavors. It's a really nice option when you get tired of the usual fruit martinis. Copyright © 2019 | Contact Us | Privacy Policy, Pour in vodka and cranberry juice, then add a dash of lime and orange juice, Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then add vodka, cranberry juice, and splash of lime juice, Shake vigorously until chilled, then pour into cocktail glass with ice, Garnish with fresh or sugared cranberries, then serve, In a cocktail shaker, muddle orange wedge, cranberries, and minced ginger, Add vodka, Aperol, bitters, and ice to cocktail shaker, Double-strain into ice-filled cocktail glass, Dip rims of glasses into lime juice and then sugar, then set aside, Pour vodka, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice into pitcher, Pour into sugar-rimmed glasses and add ice if desired, Garnish glasses with a lime wedge, then serve, Pour all ingredients over ice, then stir to combine, Garnish with peach slice or lime wedge, then serve. Why Pomegranate Juice? A stunning and simple cocktail, the blushing lady is filled with soft fruit flavors. It has a margarita base, complete with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, and pours on the pomegranate juice. Bay Breeze PAMA The Bay Breeze PAMA is a fruity variation of the classic Bay Breeze drink recipe. Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail Frugal Foodie Mama. Blue Pom Martini. Those fun white stars are fondant and they make a big splash at a Fourth of July bash. To create this drink: The addition of the grapefruit juice works surprisingly well in this take on the traditional vodka cranberry. Tis The SeasonTini Seduction in The Kitchen. For a nonalcoholic option, use peach juice and lemon-lime soda instead of schnapps and vodka… Once cool, you’re ready to make the rest of the cranberry pomegranate cocktail, which is basically the easiest thing in the world. Mrs. Claus' wildside punch is made of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur and blanco tequila. A lovely dinner companion, this red carpet cocktail is intriguing. To create this drink: If you’re interested in a bubbly cocktail that’s perfect to sip while you sit and chat with friends, look no further than this mouthwatering recipe. In 1945, Ocean Spray created the vodka cranberry recipe (known back then as the “Red Devil” cocktail) for a grower’s marketing campaign. 5.5% SKU. There are a variety of ways you can enhance it and make your own custom frosé, too. While the cinnamon syrup gives it a holiday-worthy nuance, you can easily switch that out for other seasonal parties. With just four ingredients, your punch will be ready in minutes. If you’re an especially big fan of ginger, you can also use a toothpick to spear bits of crystallized ginger and use as a garnish. Combine the vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and lime juice in a large pitcher. Because the recipe originated in Cape Cod, MA, it began to be known as the Cape Cod cocktail and later the Vodka Cranberry (due to its main ingredients.) This cranberry and pomegranate cocktail, with a touch of orange, is the must-try fall drink! Pour mixture into 2 mugs then top with ginger beer and stir. Fizzy Pom. The Blue Pom Martini drink recipe is a red colored cocktail made from Burnett's blueberry vodka, pomegranate vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. Rosé Sangria with Cranberries and Apples. Cranberry Vodka Spritzer – this fun and festive cocktail is made with cranberry juice, vodka, sparkling water and a splash of ginger beer for a delicious twist! Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail Frugal Foodie Mama fresh lime, cranberry juice, pomegranate seeds, pomegranate flavored vodka and 3 more Sparkling Pomegranate Screwdriver Frugal Foodie Mama pomegranate seeds, pomegranate vodka, club soda, orange slices and 1 more Whiskey is a fantastic complement to the sweet taste of pomegranate. The drink itself is a combination of Pama, black cherry rum, and pomegranate-cherry juice. You can use fresh pomegranate when the fruit comes into season or take advantage of pomegranate vodkas, liqueurs, and juices and enjoy the fruity flavor all year long. vodka, 2 oz. Pour lime/vodka mixture over the cranberry juice. For a drink that's all kinds of pink, try this sangria made … 7 of 9. Colleen Graham is a cocktail expert, professional bartender, and cookbook author with over 10 years of experience in the food-writing world. Served tall on the rocks, the recipe can easily be adapted to fill a pitcher for a small party. Creating great tasting cocktails at home is easy once you have some recipes. Pick Up. Aphrodisiacs galore, this is a great choice for Valentine's Day! Delivery. On a hot summer day, few drinks will cool you down like the pomegranate-grapefruit frosé. Strain and pour cranberry pomegranate cocktail drink into chilled martini glass. Garnish with lime rounds and pomegranate arils. The recipe requires an ultra-smooth vodka, which is paired with Campari. A stunning and simple cocktail, the blushing lady is filled with soft … A red colored cocktail made from PAMA pomegranate liqueur, apple vodka and cranberry juice, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. Combine 2 oz. Worth trying out! Just grab your cocktail shaker and mix it up! When you're ready to get crafty, turn to the American dream cocktail. Because of it’s incredibly simple ingredient list, the vodka cranberry is a wonderful cocktail for beginner mixologists to attempt. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Shake cocktail shaker thoroughly until it frosts from outside. The rich flavor of pomegranate takes on a whole new life when it's warmed up. The variety of ingredients create a very complex flavor that is sure to impress if you are generous to share this recipe with your friends. Absolutely! The secret is to thaw the lemonade so it’s still slightly icy—this way the cocktail will be cool and refreshing. Try these tasty and easy to prepare cranberry cocktail & drink recipes from Ocean Spray® for every occasion, and let our superfruit transform your cocktails! Vodka Cocktails, Vodka Soda & Seltzer. cranberry juice, champagne, cranberries, ice cubes, fresh lime and 2 more. Vodka Cranberry 1 oz Vodka, 4.5 oz Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, Orange Juice The vodka cranberry is a classic, easy-to-prepare cocktail that’s a longtime favorite of patrons who want something delicious they can sip slowly. Consider trying out this recipe the next time you’re looking for a simple yet delicious drink that will leave you refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the evening. This pomegranate poinsettia recipe gives it a fruity new twist. Cranberry Cocktail. I varied it, omitting the "simple syrup" portion (as I don't care for very sugary drinks, & rather save my calories for actual food!) Vodka, grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, French vermouth, balsamic glaze, cranberry juice, pink peppercorns, and orange zest give you a deep, ruby red cocktail that's perfect for the holidays. The recipe offers a wonderful trio of flavors—pomegranate vodka, rosé wine, and grapefruit juice—to create a fruity slushie you'll thoroughly enjoy. The popular mimosa is no stranger to a fruity twist and it's always a prime choice for brunch. As always, premium spirits are recommended to create the fruity martini of your dreams. This cocktail is also very cost effective, so you don’t have to break the bank when whipping up a batch for friends. The Belmont jewel is, essentially, a whiskey-pomegranate lemonade and it's as delicious as it sounds. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Grapefruit brings in a brighter edge to the heavier flavor of the cranberry and both marry well with vodka. It mixes up quickly and is perfect for a cookout or picnic. Rather than cranberry, you'll use orange juice, which pairs flawlessly with pomegranate. Did you know that the vodka cranberry was originally a clever marketing move from a juice company? It’s typically served in highball glass with ice and a small straw that can be used for either stirring or sipping. Garnish with lime twist … For more of a classic style, try it with the egg white, which gives it a luscious foam. Fill glasses with prosecco and … View All. It brings the fruit into the world of the gin fizz and gives it a herbal spin with lavender simple syrup. Garnish with a … It's the strawberry-lime hard cider that really takes this recipe over the top. [email protected] Cocktails, Fall, Sour, Winter; Cranberry. Confirm your address to check eligibility. If you’re feeling especially fun when mixing this drink, consider garnishing with cranberry ring candies as well. Fill a cocktail shaker half full with ice, pour the cocktail mixture in, and shake for a full 30 seconds. The tartness of the cranberry juice perfectly counteracts the sting of the vodka to create a smooth cocktail. It's lush, sweet, and has a wonderful taste that pairs perfectly with the pink grapefruit and vodka in this pretty pink drink. It's a little sweet, a little sour and has just a hint of spice. Jägermeister and mulling spices give it a pleasing spice to round off the flavor. 21 Vodka, orange liqueur and cranberry-pomegranate juice. Add the vodka, lime juice and pomegranate juice and shake vigorously. ABV. In the Christmas mimosa, you'll top pomegranate liqueur and cranberry juice with chilled Champagne. Blushing Lady. The cardamom-infused simple syrup is easy to make at home and transforms the drink into a fascinating experience. 2 oz Pur Vodka; 2 oz cranberry puree; 1 oz fresh pomegranate juice; Shake to combine. Directions: Take first four ingredients in cocktail shaker. It pairs the sweet, juicy arils (the fruit's seeds) with passion fruit juice. To create this drink: Although the vodka cranberry is perfect year round, this spiced variant is especially wonderful when the weather is cool or stormy. The tartness of the cranberry juice perfectly counteracts the sting of the vodka to create a smooth cocktail. The vodka cranberry is a classic, easy-to-prepare cocktail that’s a longtime favorite of patrons who want something delicious they can sip slowly. Strain the cocktail into a glass filled with ice. The signature flavor comes from Pama, the most popular pomegranate-flavored liqueur on the market. Traditionally, the vodka cranberry is made with only two simple ingredients (vodka and cranberry juice) but it can also be embellished by orange and/or lime juice. Nearby Stores. Cheryl Zibisky / Photodisc / Getty Images. Garnish with a combination of cranberries, pomegranate arils and/or lime slices. Another great cocktail recipe! Replace the Sparkling Water! In a cocktail shaker, add ice, Smirnoff No. Take note, though: although this cocktail is delicious, it can be especially strong and having one too many can be risky. Bright, tart and incredibly refreshing, the vodka cranberry has been a go-to bar order for decades. The recipe uses Pama, vodka, and grapefruit along with the sweet spice of ginger syrup to create an explosion of flavor in a cocktail glass. Spiced Pomegranate Apple Cider Sangria Frugal Foodie Mama. From sweet vodka martinis to cocktails featuring gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey, there's a great drink waiting for everyone. The Pama ginger-tini can easily become a new favorite on your personal martini menu. In a glass filled with ice, pour vodka, pomegranate juice, and lemon juice. Add ice to two copper mugs. A cranberry vodka martini is best served chilled and strained. The Drink Recipe section of this site covers pretty much everything. Pour into martini glasses, garnish with a slice of lime, and serve immediately. You can garnish with an orange to offset the tartness. The spiced pomegranate martini is a very interesting recipe that doubles up on the pomegranate and adds a unique complementary flavor. The liqueur is a bright blend of fruits and it goes nicely with the recipe's pomegranate and cranberry juices. The recipe calls for citrus vodka, so any type of citrus would work well such as lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, or grapefruit. Method: Combine Seagram's 80 Proof Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Lime Juice in a shaker and shake vigorously, strain over ice in a low-ball glass and top with tonic water. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Evan Skylar / Photolibrary / Getty Images, 20 Deliciously Sweet Peach Schnapps Cocktails, 20 Romantic Red Cocktails for Valentine's Day, 10 Holiday Party Punch Recipes That Are Easy to Make, 13 Festive Christmas Martinis You'll Love to Share, 20 Great Blended Cocktails to Enjoy This Summer. Vodka, cranberry juice, and orange juice are amped up with the addition of Christmas spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. If you try out all of the recipes listed above and still want more, we suggest adding in different kinds of fruit juice to make your own vodka cranberry creations. The addition of the lime sparkling water really adds a layer of complexity to an already wonderful cocktail. 15 Gorgeous Cranberry Desserts for the Holidays. 226945124-2. It's a stunning cocktail that mixes pomegranate juice with a brilliant sake-based liqueur and a hint of sweet rose. Uncomplicated, the Pama martini shakes up in minutes with just three common ingredients: Pama, your favorite vodka, and an orange liqueur. Applications. Pomegranate juice and sparkly ginger beer combine to make the perfect fruity, slightly spicy base for this vodka-based cocktail. Similarly, the small list of ingredients means there is plenty of room to play around with adding additional flavors or other fun twists. This cranberry pomegranate cosmopolitan cocktail is refreshing, easy and perfect for a party. "I have made it for the last three Christmas parties at my home and everyone loves it," says Gayle Gillis. Fill cocktail shaker with ice until its 2/3rd full. The straightforward cocktail was actually invented by the Ocean Spray agricultural cooperative almost 90 years ago, though it originally went by a different name. I love using 100% pomegranate juice in this cocktail, not only because of the beautiful color and the less sweet taste, but pomegranate … That's what you'll find in the for the record cocktail, where the liqueur's sweetness is paired with citrus vodka and elderflower liqueur. ginger beer, splashes of cranberry juice and lemon juice, and a few shavings of ground ginger in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Ship to California. Shake until chilled. A hint of cinnamon gives it a final touch of holiday spirit, but it's fabulous year-round. Bright, refreshing, and a fun take on a classic cocktail, the pomegranate gin fizz is perfect for warm days. Using reposado tequila gives it a lovely oak background and there's no need to pull out the blender. $9.99. This cranberry pomegranate cosmopolitan cocktail is refreshing, easy and perfect for a party. Its layers of flavor include pomegranate, cranberry, citrus vodka, and sparkling wine. Always a crowd favorite, the pomegranate Champagne punch is a lot of fun to mix up for a party. It's a great twist on the classic cocktail. The addition of a sugared cranberry garnish will also add just the right amount of sweetness to counteract the tart cranberry and lime. Shake and strain into a glass. Pur Vodka’s new bottles are available at the SAQ starting from December 2017! To make the premier yet simple cranberry vodka martini, mix three and a half ounces cranberry-infused vodka and half an ounce cranberry juice. It has become a strong favorite among cocktail dinkers because it’s simply ingredient list is easy to find in any bar or supermarket and the cocktail itself is delicious and easy to drink. I adore the combination of flavors in this recipe. Tequila in a Christmas punch? It uses three pomegranate-flavored ingredients, a bottle of red wine, and fresh cranberries. Pour in the vodka, pomegranate juice, and lime juice and shake vigorously until ice cold. It gets really interesting when you let a sprig of pine infuse its flavor into the cocktail. Or even a mixture of them. If you’re trying to create a cocktail that tastes surprisingly impressive despite the low amount of effort required to create it, the vodka cranberry is a perfect choice. DEEP BAY CRANBERRY POMEGRANATE VODKA SODA 4pk-12oz Cans. Repeat for remaining glasses. Vodka and triple sec, two essential ingredients of cosmopolitans, work with the cocktail's other juices in different ways -- vodka's neutral taste hides behind the cranberry and lime juices while triple sec's citrus flavor heightens the juice's flavors. Pour into martini glass and garnish with cranberries. Top with a couple of extra mint leafs. This cocktail is perfect year-round and is well-suited for a variety of occasions. "I freeze some of the juice I use and use it for ice directly in the punch." Fill two small cocktail glasses with ice, then pour in 1/4 cup or more of cranberry pomegranate juice or juice of your choice. In a cocktail shaker, mix 2 shots of vodka with ice, 6 mint sprigs, lime zest and lime juice. Johner Images / Brand X Pictures / Getty Images. of the cranberry simple syrup into the glass and top with soda water. Cut a slit on the inside of a lime wedge and rub around the rim of a champagne flute, and then dip the glasses into the sugar bowl. This is no one-dimensional pomegranate margarita. apples, apple cider, club soda, pomegranate juice, pomegranate flavored vodka and 4 more. If you have ever been here before you know that I love a good cocktail. Luca Trovato / The Image Bank / Getty Images. It can also be prepared without the lime or orange juice for an even simpler, “purer” experience. Pomegranate cocktails are popular, fruity, and utterly delicious. Cinnamon and apple are two flavors that pair well with pomegranate, and are available as flavored vodka too. Flavored Vodka Pomegranate Cocktails. You will find romance in a glance when you mix up the lovely blushing geisha. Many of the drink recipes are also a breeze to mix up. Always make sure to drink responsibly and ensure everyone has a way to get home safe before serving a few rounds of vodka cranberries. Get our free book when you sign up for our newsletter. Take a look at the list below of our favorite vodka cranberry recipes and try one out soon! Drinks with Pomegranate Vodka (29) Showing 1-10 of 29. That aperitif's bitter flavor profile is offset by two pomegranate ingredients with a sweetness that makes it very approachable and fantastic with any meal. The peach pomegranate holiday martini offers a blend of bright fruit flavors, including a brilliant pomegranate vodka paired with peach and orange flavors.
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