Hoping your new year is going along swell, too. As it chills it becomes super thick and creamy. ( Log Out /  Yes, I love this soup, too. How – thanks to the ‘mafia’ – I became an English teacher and was talked into extending my stay in Romania from 6 months to over 11 years, Decorated eggs in Romania, Bucovina and Iasi, A sadistic Romanian police force – jandarmarie, An olympic gold salute to the women of Romania; Un salut de aur olimpic pentru romance, Back in the Romanian city, Iași. Melt butter in soup pot over medium-high heat. About me, Chapter 2, About me, Chapter 3. It’s worth adding that leeks are a wonderful, often overlooked vegetable. I love this soup, love to cook, love to write abot it. Vichyssoise – Cold Leek and Potato Soup. Cut each leek into three pieces and cut them in half, lengthways. . Vichyssoise is a French-inspired soup made with potatoes and leeks.It's served cold, and it may be garnished with snipped chives or parsley.This classic French-style soup is very easy to make at home, and many people find it enjoyable hot as well as cold, although purists may frown on serving the soup … Well, check this out the! A bit of fiction and 'poetry' and, occasionally, a view from Yorkshire, about anything. https://myfrenchheaven.com/2017/06/22/a-special-vichyssoise-for-my-muses/. Doesn’t look much does it but in my opinion this is one of the best of all soups. I keep meaning to, its more about finding the time and this is meant to be the quiet time of year I’ll report of the curry later in the year. Loved reading about your husband's comment and the history of Vichyssoise! Seven things you may not know about Romania, Street photography – rain in Iasi, Romania. Although no recipe is necessary – there could hardly be a simpler soup to make – I had intended to follow (roughly) Delia Smith’s recipe, my go-to cook for unpretentious but superb food of all kinds. We happened to live in a great little town called Ogawa Machi in Saitama Prefecture. This particular soup is a potato and leek based soup, seasoned ever so perfectly with salt and white pepper… yes, white pepper. Most can agree that potato-leek soup was widely cooked and enjoyed in 19th century France. Best-Ever Potato and Leek Soup Best-Ever Potato and Leek Soup This potato and leek soup from Andrew Zimmern is a riff on the classic vichyssoise and makes a large batch perfect for freezing. Thanks for stopping by, Roz. En zoek meer in iStock’s bibliotheek van royalty-free stockbeelden met Culturen foto’s die beschikbaar zijn voor snel en eenvoudig downloaden. Sadly Stéphane seems to have stopped posting on his blog, ‘My French Heaven‘, his most recent post being in June last year where he gave his grandmother’s recipe for vichyssoise, which is good enough for me. The soup looks very tasty. After … 4 cups potatoes, peeled and diced. I’m sure the flavor is slightly different too but not worlds different, so it’s okay… use black pepper if you want. Serve chilled, it is the classic Vichyssoise. (And love to read your blog, too!). Gently stir in the cream before serving. Yes. But warm, at this time of the year? But I love that you can also enjoy it chilled. Stir in the cream, reserving some for garnish. Vichyssoise, or cold potato leek soup, is a simple and incredibly delicious soup that I first experienced when Karl and I were still living in Japan. Thanks for continuing to read. Are we going to see a post with the newest member of the clan soon? This is in fact vichyssoise though we ate a serving hot. Good to be missed, Karen. A soup I was happy to introduce to Poland (ok, I’m sure it got here before) But it is now a firm favourite with Gosia family. Traditional vichyssoise recipes begin with … I’d never have thought of using them in a mushroom omelette but I’m sure that it was this ingredient which lifted this omelette from the ordinary to the extraordinary. … You should give it a try, Angie!
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