5. • Gaud Saraswat Brahmin • Daivadnya Brahmin • Thanjavur Marathi • Marathi people Deshastha Brahmins are a Hindu Brahmin subcaste mainly from the Indian state of … Dev 20. Chandilya 14. Kalabodhana… Among Kanyakubj,a  all Brahmins of this area were Kanyajubja except Chaubeys of  Mathura (Mathur) & Magadh (Pandas of Gaya). Galvasaya 23. The six proper activities, ranked from the highest to the lowest, are teaching, studying the Vedas, offering ritual sacrifices, officiating at rituals for others, giving gifts, and accepting gifts. These Brahmins were finally settled in Ayodhya which was situated on river Saryu & were later known as Saryupari Brahmins. Like Like Reply ramanan50 says: 6 Apr 2016 at 22:38 No. in some old texts) is the major branch of Western Bengali Brahmins. Nonetheless, the traditional association between the Brahmin caste and priestly duties remains strong. The following is a partial list of gotras found in the Brahmin community of Hindus: 1. Mohyal Brahmin is an Indian Brahmin caste. At one time Bihari Brahmins were famous for their scholarship and erudition and Mithila [14] produced one Vedic scholar after another starting from Yajnavalkya. Patel’s don India Today: An Encyclopedia of Life in the Republic, Volume One. The Brahmins are the caste from which Hindu priests are drawn, and are responsible for teaching and maintaining sacred knowledge. A Brahmin is a member of the highest caste or varna in Hinduism. Chikitasa 16. They specialised as priests (purohit, pandit, or pujari), teachers (acharya or guru) and protectors of sacred learning across generations. Designed and hosted by Aadi Creations. Across the subcontinent, other Brahmins are also believed to have switched from the traditional Gaubhilya 26. Hukman Bhal 29. Dhanvantari 22. They also perform temple ceremonies and officiate at weddings and other important occasions. “The Marathas 1600–1818.” Cambridge University Press, 1993, doi:10.1017/CHOL9780521268837. Garga 24. Examples: "Some people believe that the Buddha himself, Siddharta Gautama, was a member of a Brahmin family. Brahmin is the highest Varna in Vedic Hinduism. Saraswat brahmins. Jatukarna 31. Utkala Brahmin is also known as Utkal Brahmin is a Brahmin caste in India. There are the Following The simple About List of Brahmin surnames Gotras and communitiesFull Information With Brahmin, brahmana, brahmin caste list, brahmin surnames list, tribe, list of gotras, rishi, top brahmins and ritual. In this article I will share Brahmin surnames list in India based on my ongoing research on Brahmins. Copyright © Kanyakubj Brahmin Mahasabha, 2009-2020. Brahman, also spelled Brahmin, Sanskrit Brāhmaṇa (“Possessor of Brahma”), highest ranking of the four varnas, or social classes, in Hindu India. In Hinduism, there is the concept of ‘Varna’ system where the society is stratified into four ‘Varnas’ or castes - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Sudras.. The Utkala Brahmins are one of the five Pancha Gouda Brahmin Vindhyas. History of the Brahmin Caste Ghrit kaushika 27. Agastya 2. Rādhi (also Rāṭhi in some old texts) is the major branch of Western Bengali Brahmins. How Many Electoral Votes Does a Candidate Need to Win? Madhesi Brahman, Nurang, Rajput, Kayastha 2. Brahmin are a varna (class) in Hinduism. As late as the reign of the Maratha Dynasty, in the 1600s to 1800s CE, members of the Brahmin caste served as government administrators and military leaders, occupations more typically associated with the Kshatriya. Interestingly, the Muslim rulers of the Mughal Dynasty (1526–1858) also employed Brahmins as advisors and government officials, as did the British Raj in India (1858–1947). In fact, Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of modern India, was also a member of the Brahmin caste. Sub-Imperial Palaces: Power and Authority in Mughal India, J.D., University of Washington School of Law, B.A., History, Western Washington University. Christopher Pillitz /Image Bank/GettyImages. Alambani 4. Gautamasa 25. This may be true; however, his father was a king, which usually aligns with the Kshatriya (warrior/prince) caste instead.". In some cases, such work precludes the Brahmin in question from carrying out priestly duties, however. Before diving into the Brahmin caste let’s see some of the discussion on how the caste system came to be. Bhumihars, also called Babhan, are a Hindu caste mainly found in Bihar (including the Mithila region),[2] the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, and Nepal. They are ‘Pancha-Gauda Brahmins’ from North India and ‘Pancha-Dravida Brahmins’ from the South India. Brahmins are vegetarian, in keeping with Hindu beliefs in reincarnation. At mealtimes, anyone could accept food from the hands of a Brahmin, but a Brahmin would be polluted if he or she took certain types of food from a lower caste person. Iyer (also spelt as Ayyar, Aiyar, Ayer or Aiyer) is a caste of Hindu Brahmin communities of Tamil origin. Bhaskara 13. The population of India that is considered a member of the Brahmin caste according to the article “The Joshua project” is about 60,481,000 people. Tarai/Madhesi Other Castes 2.1 Tarai/Madhesi Other Castes Kewat, Mallah, Lohar, Nuniya, Kahar, Lodha, Rajbhar, Bing, Mali Kamar, Dhuniya, Yadav, Teli, Koiri, Kurmi, Sonar, Baniya, Kalwar, Thakur/Hazam, Kanu, Sudhi, … This list may not reflect recent changes ().This page was last edited on … In 1931 (the last Indian census to record caste), Brahmins accounted for 4.32% of the total population. [1] Kaminsky, Arnold P. and Long, Roger D. “India Today: An Encyclopedia of Life in the Republic, Volume One.” p. 68. Utkala Brahmins are the historical caretakers of the Jagannath Temple in Puri. *Ravana,the wicked king ruled Lanka & was born to Brahmin rishi Vishrava and Kekasi who belongs to a Rakshas clan. In jammu 90% brahmins are saraswat, in kashmir all pundits are saraswats. Is there a sub caste Brahmin Kshathriya and gotra as Birthare. Many won’t be able to tell you their caste (Not all Patel’s are the same caste- there are different types of Patidars, also there are Patidars who don’t have the last name Patel). Sarswat, Kanyakubja, Gaur, Utkal and Maithil, these are five gaurs and dwelling towards north of Vindhyachal. There have been many debates on the origin of the caste system which has been a big sociological discussion and debate. The Brahmin castes may be broadly divided into two regional groups: Pancha-Gauda Brahmins from the Northern part of India (considered to be the region north of the Vindhya mountains) and Pancha-Dravida Brahmins from the region south of the Vindhya mountains as per the shlokaof Kalhana. You can download the word docx and pdf formats . Find all the castes and their sub-castes list in India here. She has taught at the high school and university levels in the U.S. and South Korea. Brahmins even in Uttar Pradesh, where they were most numerous, constituted just 12% of the recorded population. 23, 1993, pp. For example, a Brahmin who begins farming (not only as an absentee land-owner, but actually tilling the land himself) may be considered ritually contaminated, and can be barred from later entering the priesthood. Ahabhunasa 7. The other major castes, from highest to lowest, are the Kshatriya (warriors and princes), Vaisya (farmers or merchants), and Shudra (servants and sharecroppers). Atreyasa / Atri 3. Angirasa 6. Sarswat, Kanyakubja, Gaur, Utkal and Maithil, these are five gaurs and dwelling towards north of Vindhyachal. Pages in category "Brahmin communities" The following 27 pages are in this category, out of 27 total. In the very beginning, there was only one category of Brahmins, later they were categorized on basis of their lands (areas) as Gaur and Dravid. Jamadagni 30. Saraswat, Kanyakubja, Gaud, Utkala and Mithila form the Pancha Guada 2. The Utkal is in the other side of Vindhyachal. Most of the Brahmins did not think proper to attend this Yajna & accepting the  Daan of from a person who is involved in a Brahm-Hatya. Current Status of Caste System in India Even though there is no basis for caste system and associated discrimination in Hinduism, and it has been more than 70 years Britishers have left India, we still see these issues cropping Rituals to Be Followed Daily for Balanced Life. Bhakdi 12. Most Iyers are followers of the Advaita philosophy propounded by Adi Shankara. Harita/ Haritasa 28. [citation needed] The majority reside in Tamil Nadu, India. A List of Brahmin Communities Compiled by Vikas Kamat First Online: April 01, 2003 Page Last Updated: September 11, 2020 The following is a list of Brahmin communities of India. 2001. As in earlier times, most Brahmins actually made their living from work associated with the lower castes, including agriculture, stone-cutting, or working in the service industries. Later 120 categories of Brahmins were developed among them. The land between Gandaki and Kaushiki rivers is known as Maithil land. There is a territorial division that divides the Brahmins broadly into two parts: Panch Gour (The five northern Brahmins) and Panch Dravida (The five southern Brahmins). Indian Castes and Feudal Japanese Classes, How the US Electoral College System Works. Gordon, Stewart. In Hindu culture, the Brahmin caste considered to be the highest of the four major social classes of the Varna system. Punjab is the land of Saraswats. Bhargava 11. In punjab 80% brahmins are Darbhas 19. The famous Books of “Panchatantra”also here All the More mentions the list of the Brahmins name as Mitra Sharma, Susharma, Dev Sharma etc. The Vindhya mountain range, which lies in central India, divides the country into … 1). Brahmin is considered as a member of the priestly caste of the country. The caste system has evidently been more flexible, in terms of appropriate work for Brahmins, than one might expect. Activities that are forbidden to Brahmins according to the Manusmriti include making weapons, butchering animals, making or selling poisons, trapping wildlife, and other jobs associated with death.
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