Composite Decking Boards Offering a durable, long lasting and sustainable alternative to timber decking without compromising on beauty or strength, composite decking is a low maintenance and cost effective solution that provides a flawless finish with no visible fixings. Trex decking materials are the answer for those who want a durable, reliable and beautiful deck - without the added work of keeping it looking new year after year. From positive to negative, there are opinions aplenty on Trex’s own branch of composites, and for the uncertain DIYer that can be both a blessing and curse. Wanting to buy timber decking or Trex composite decking products? Taking their experience to go hand in hand with their business practices, they … Shop our variety of decking options for creating your outdoor living oasis! Melanie opted for Trex Transcend® Decking in Lava Rock and Trex® Signature Railing in Bronze. Use our find a stockist tool or contact us. We found that there was a period between 2003 – 06 in which a change in manufacturing station for Trex meant a quality drop in some of their product with a number of reported failures in the product. Here's how to save on your deck build: Copyright © 2020 Trex Company, Inc. All rights reserved. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Decking is often associated with gardening, landscaping, and similar outdoor jobs. Their own website also points to Transcend being their primary choice of board, too. Transcend is available in a variety of colours, all of which can be sampled. Gapping also allows for the shrinkage of the wood joist system. Composite decking is a huge commitment for any homeowner, even those with more experience in fitting composite decks. Because the colour you choose is the fade- and stain-resistant colour you’ll enjoy for decades. Read our in-depth reviews to get the decking advice you need. After hiding her deck for years, she was ready for a change. In 1996 Trex launched its line of composite decking products to rave reviews and revolutionized the decking industry. Appearance. Stocking everything you … Trex is the industry-leading manufacturer of composite decking which is a high-performance decking material that will not rot, warp or peel. That being said, we do agree that some Trex products – from the batches we have had in the past – can prove to be more brittle and prone to damage over time than other manufacturers. There is little residue from the capping brought up from screws, and hidden fasteners work a treat in grooved boards. Product Description: If you have searched up composite decking or brought the topic up with anybody else in the industry, the brand that will immediately come to your attention will be Trex. This can be grounds for the promotion of mould on the boards if not properly cared for, hence the usually lower price point of uncapped boards.). Trex decking comes in a variety of lasting colours with deep grain patterns that complement any style home. By this we mean that each side is not equally capped; the top and sides are, but the bottom layer remains open to the elements. Trex will send custom sample packs of two sample sizes of your colours of choice and provide a look at their fasteners too. When buying your decking boards, it is always best to buy more than you need – Trex is no exception to this rule. The home of composite decking reviews. Their high-performance, eco-friendly composite boards withstand years of … Decking in Kent, TrexPro, Trex composite decking Installers, trex decking, Trex custom curve, TrexPro platinum installers, trex london, trex kent, trex surrey The Trex composite decking range is available in three options to suit any project or budget; Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance Naturals and Trex Enhance Basics.. There’s more choice than ever before so you can discover the right Trex decking for you.. See and feel the Trex decking difference with the Trex inspiration sample pack. – but there appear to be less issues with the higher-value Transcend range. This is the product we would recommend from Trex, without a doubt. We found that there was a period between 2003 – 06 in which a change in manufacturing station for Trex meant a quality drop in some of their product with a number of reported failures in the product. Trex composite decking is strong, durable; resists staining, scratching, or molding and is available in a wide range of colours. The polymer capping provides a layer of protection and design detail that their other ranges simply don’t replicate, but there is an issue that the boards end up looking slightly too plastic when up close. Decking Products & Composite Decking TREX Decking Hardwood … £44.65 Trex Island Mist Transcend (Solid) Grooved Composite Decking Board 4.88mts x 25mm Thick x 140mm Wide: STRAIGHT DEAL! The beauty of the Trex® composite decking system is how quick and easy to install, providing a long-lasting finish. Not sure which colour you need? Always try to keep your composite decking as uniform as possible. When picking up a sample pack (which are available via the Trex website and other reliable stockists), the first thing you will notice is that the surface of Trex Transcend is textured to replicate natural wood, and most colour choices feature multiple tones through the capping to further create the illusion that you are looking at real timber when installed. Take all the necessary precautions and follow care tips for the longest lifespan possible. Trex ® at its very best Unparalleled Beauty: Trex Transcend Colours. It is definitely in the upper tiers of our compared composite decking boards, and compared to the Enhance boards there is clearly more attention to the detail of the board that we don’t see in the cheaper alternatives. If you are using multiple composite brands, be aware that they may not all perform exactly the same. CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD LIVES OUTDOORS. About Trex ®. Since 1996 Trex has invented, defined and perfected the composite deck category, becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of timber-alternative decking products. Trex … Trex Composite Decking samples. THE COST OF A TREX ® DECK: LET'S CRUNCH SOME NUMBERS. Expert opinions and guides on buying WPC decking in the UK. » Note, Trex fascia has to be gapped width-to-width and end-to-end the same as Trex decking. There are no grooves on the surface of the Transcend boards to install anti-slip grips, but you should find these helpful strips available in good gardening retail stores to help should you find your decking too slippery. Environmentally Friendly. Whatever you need to make your decking project stand out, they have thought of it. The Trex composite deck system is one of the most weather resistant decking products on the market. The estimated material costs for a composite deck run from £82 - £113 per square meter, that's including substructure, decking and fasteners. No need for any specialist tools as they fix with our T clips and screws which allow the boards to expand and contract in varying temperatures/weather conditions. A well thought-out decking project can enhance any outdoor area. There can be some hit-or-miss batches with their items as proven by a number of customer reviews online and among the DIY community, but the overall opinion of Trex is highly positive these last years. Warranty covers staining and fading – something that competitors struggle to keep up with. Now for what everyone wonders – just how good do Trex boards look when stacked up against the competition? An area where Trex really shine with their products is in the sheer variety of products they have on offer. Both help determine the materials and labour costs of your composite deck. It is something we see time and again: the cheaper options fail more often than those at a higher price point, and for good reason. Few other companies do or can afford to offer these, and Trex knows their market well. Jul 16, 2020 - Explore Dawn Gilbert's board "Trex Decking Ideas", followed by 391 people on Pinterest. It all depends on what you want from your boards! Due to the popularity of Trex and its wide availability worldwide, there are more reviews for this composite decking product than any others. And definitely some patio furniture. The latest range of composite decking from Trex. We would have liked to see the option to have two sides for individual preferences; one smooth, the other grooved, to make our own choice about the boards’ aesthetic and for safety. Since 1996 Trex has invented, defined and perfected the composite deck category, becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of timber-alternative decking products. Visit for more information. Setting itself apart from competing softwood and other synthetic materials, Trex retains the natural grain look of traditional hardwood. This is especially true in climates where harsh sunlight is more common throughout the year. (Be aware that uncapped boards may require more maintenance than capped boards due to the entire board material being exposed to the elements. Far from the worst composite boards we have worked with, but in terms of looks, we do still prefer UltraShield. ... "Decking is coming back into fashion in a big way here in the UK but the traditional timber decking is outdated, high maintenance and required treating each year. There’s no doubt that Trex offers high quality, innovative composite decking products that make low-maintenance, luxurious outdoor living a reality for their customers, but they come at a price. Cut costs, not corners. Taking their experience to go hand in hand with their business practices, they are industry leaders in all things composite. That being said, in terms of Trex products, we would recommend aiming for their higher-end boards if you are looking for a product that you know is going to last you far longer and give a better quality performance overall. Trex is an American decking company based in Winchester, Virginia, USA. The estimated material costs for a composite deck run from £82 - £113 per square meter, that's including substructure, decking and fasteners. Go for the top of the range that is proven to perform better from tried and tested review sources. In 2010, Trex unveiled their Transcend range – the revitalised, stronger, and overall better composite decking range that took on all of their past experience, providing the top of their range with a product to be proud of. The home of composite decking reviews. Transcend decking’s deep wood-grain pattern and luxury colours create a premium, ageless look that leaves other composites in the dust. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find Trex, and we agree that it is very deserving of its position with its pioneering business and establishment as one of the first greats of the composite industry. Gapping is necessary for drainage and the slight thermal expansion and contraction of Trex decking boards. Much like other composite decking brands, Trex also offers a fantastic warranty that they make well-known to their customers. Composite Decking, WPC Decking, Wood Plastic Decking, Dino Decking UK - Boards, Edging, Trims, Fixings, Clips, Joists, 6mm Hidden Fasteners (100 Box) 4.4 out of 5 stars 39 £19.99 £ 19 .
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