The New Yo... Dear Mr. Jarecki. Obama granted early release to 22 people behind bars for drug offenses. Share/Support! Insightful doc highlighting how The War on Drugs is faili…. #SmarterSentencing, RT @JoyAnnReid: And here’s the link to the video for “Just Say No to the War on Drugs” includes how to get involved…, RT @JoyAnnReid: If you want to support @EugeneJarecki’s “Just Say No to the War on Drugs” project peep the video & more at…, Check out this piece written by Eugene Jarecki today on The Huffington Post about why we need to Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs! Great article supporting Proposition 2 in Alaska to legalize and regulate marijuana! He was... RT @johnlegend: Thanks to @eugenejarecki for the i... RT @johnlegend: Vacation reading: The New Jim Crow... RT @WCUofPA: Fom the dealer to narcotics officer &... RT @mikerobertson24: Just watched ‘The house... RT @ricfouad: Watched “House I Live In”... An interesting way to explain the war on drugs. (Important Disclosure: Words in quotation marks are double entendre and should be read at surface level 1st read) French newspaper specifically acknowledges The House I Live In’s contribution in changing the conversation on drug laws, bringing further awareness of the racism inherently intertwined with the war on drugs. We mostly post positive news here– because we are winning the struggle against the drug war, and every day seems to bring more evidence of our imminent victory. Check them out! It is not based on science. If you’re interested in showing The House I Live In to your community, please provide some general information and we’ll be in touch to help arrange a screening. Check out the film and brand new curriculum! Love this… #YesOn47. According to The New York Times, there are “1.5 Million Missing Black Men.” They say, “For every 100 black women [aged 25 to 54] living outside of jail, there are only 83 black men. With 3 more years to go, can dismantling the drug war and ending mass incarceration be this President’s “defining legacy” ? Tide turning,but political folly still maddening…how many d…, An interesting way to explain the war on drugs. The House I Live In fully supports the Governor’s emphasis on treating addiction as a matter of public health, and is proud to have helped advise the Governor’s office on his policies. In honor of Mother’s Day 2015, Moms United to End the War on Drugs encourages you to take a stand to not have your rights as a mother taken from you. Perhaps a half-day workshop, watching it and then working out an action plan on one or two parts of the problem. You can select videos by topic, location or type. "Colorblind" policies which ignore race only perpetuate these Go see this film, and bring someone with you. #Blacklivesmatter. Check out this great video narrated by Senator Cory Booker and produced by our friends at ATTN, RT @IndependentLens: Justice Department set to free 6,000 prisoners, largest one-time release CC: @DrugWarMovie, 1 in 3 Americans have a criminal record that shows up on a routine background check, permanently shutting them out of the workforce. @EugeneJarecki dir. We spoke in Park … Big news: there are potentially thousands of unjustly sentenced drug offenders who can benefit from the newly expanded clemency criteria. RT @niallscullion: @rustyrockets just watched @DrugWarMovie ‘The House I live in’ on your recommendation. RT @Jess_Breslin: It’s hard to think of words after watching The House I Live In. Powerfully accurate, but disturbing. “Even as the number of immigrants caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has fallen to the lowest levels since the 1970s, the federal government has increased spending on immigrant detention, filling 14,000 more beds last year than it did in 2006.”, Big news! Happy Friday!! The gap between Obama’s rhetoric and his actions is telling, to say the least.” – Michelle Alexander. #NoMoreDrugWar, Inspiring work coming from Soul Fire Farm. — and it has dancing. Very proud of our friend and exec producer John Legend #ericgarner, Op-Ed written by New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. Cuomo yet? Keep moving forward.. Awesome page. You’ll receive $1 off when you enter the code “FACEBOOK” at checkout. Why should Rick have to spend another day behind bars for the mistakes he made as a kid?? The law epitomized the tough-on-crime policies that produced overflowing prisons and soaring costs. BREAKING: Today, President Barack Obama granted clemency to 46 people incarcerated in federal prison. Last year, The New YorkTimes uncovered 129 serious injuries to inmates. “In May 1987, when he was 17, Wershe was charged with possession with intent to deliver eight kilos of cocaine, which police had found stashed near his house following a traffic stop. Bit of fun for your Monday……. Police came when my 2 babies were in the house. #BlackLivesMatter, Crucial article by Aljazeera English: “The case has put a spotlight on Mexico’s struggle to end corruption and impunity amid a drug war that has left 100,000 people dead or missing since 2006.”. As the Smarter Sentencing Act is being reviewed by a House committee, even more Republicans are joining in support of these much needed reforms. They have nothing to do with drugs, the price of drugs doesn’t change. The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the bipartisan Smarter Sentencing Act, which can bring the bill to a vote in the near future. Another #BanTheBox victory in New York! What an amazing and thought provoking documentry. While recognizing the seriousness of drug abuse as a matter of public health, the film investigates the tragic errors and shortcomings that have meant it is more often treated as a matter for law enforcement, creating a vast machine that feeds largely on America’s poor, and especially on minority communities. Ps.The ultimate climb/war that is fought anywhere on earth can always be reduced to “Love” (“selfless”) vs “Greed” (“selfish”). RT @damnitrebecca: Really enjoying The House I Live In – incredibly good documentary about America’s war on drugs. This episode features interviews with some of the key racial and social justice advocates who made Prop 47 a reality. #NETFLIXHI5, RT @FordFoundation: Bravo to #BRITDOCImpact winners incl. Watch: Sign: Retweet! Haven’t seen it yet? “That money is to be redirected to education, mental health and addiction services — a novel approach that reformers hope will serve as a model in the larger push against mass incarceration.”. out of reach. “While the country as a whole has gotten richer and healthier, the poor have gotten poorer, the middle class has shrunk and Americans without high school diplomas have seen their life expectancy slide back to what it was in the 1950s.”, RT @jen__parry: If you only watch one documentary this year make it #TheHouseILiveIn #outstanding ;), Great article about the anticipated progressive future of drug policy in NYC as a model for the country. Change the laws. If race doesn't exist biologically, what is it? #BlackLivesMatter, Drug Policy Alliance’s executive director Ethan Nadelmann on The Colbert Report, “Federal prosecutors plan to sue New York over widespread civil rights violations in the handling of adolescent inmates at Rikers Island…”, RT @CCathain: Depressing but brilliant US documentary about the War on Drugs called The House I live in. What do you imagine is the relationship between drug sales/use and race? (The average time served for murder in state prisons in the 1980s was less than 10 years.) Have you read this @taboobreakers “The problem is not that a two-week suspension of “broken windows” policing is going to unleash chaos in the city. Check out the segment below! Congrats again, Alaska! Follow us on Instagram @DrugWarMovie ! Big news: This weekend at The Nantucket Project, Eugene Jarecki will interview Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange on the future of the digital commons. Great explanation of systemic racism in employment, housing, criminal justice, and immigration policy. Officer Adhyl Polanco speaks about abusive police policy, violence, and recent NYPD protests of Mayor Bill de Blasio. Fourteen of them were serving life in prison for non-violent drug offenses. for asset accumulation and upward mobility. With every week that passes, more and more battles are fought and won against the drug war and mass incarceration. Check out Eugene’s article in The Guardian today. Food stamp benefits are available to convicted rapists and murderers- but are not available for those convicted of drug crimes, “I have to admit it’s a strange feeling, at once wonderful and wary, when the attorney general of the United States tells an audience of security ministers — at a conference in a foreign country — that there’s something fundamentally wrong with incarcerating so many people in his own country,” said Ethan Nadelmann from the Drug Policy Alliance, RT @TheBandManifest: Just watched The House I Live In. The world’s biggest drug kingpin, ‘El Chapo’ Guzman of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel, has been arrested. With our World-Map you can travel the world and select drone, timelapse or 360 videos. With your help both the film and it’s youth focused educational program will be available for free online!, RT @BeckleyDrugs: JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs: A Eugene Jarecki Digital Short. An interesting way to visualize our uniquely American obsession with mass incarceration. via Californians for Safe Neighborhoods and Schools #YesOn47, RT @UncleRUSH: How would you react if @JohnLegend called you? #medi…, A good reason for conservatives to support marijuana legalization: $3.5 million in tax revenues in CO’s first month of legal recreational pot, RT @joegilbertt: @DrugWarMovie Can’t recommend The House I Live In highly enough. #NoMoreDrugWar, “Nixon declared all-out war on drugs, which is really all-out war on people. Please join us!! Very happy to share this #BRITDOCIMPACT award with... “As part of the National Defense Authorizati... RT @dogwoof: . More evidence of the shift in public opinions and attitudes towards marijuana. This is the latest installment in the Bringing Dow... Great short animation about the school-to-prison p... “Nearly two in three families (65 percent) w... Ta-Nehisi Coates explores the impact of mass incar... Today’s (Sunday, Sept. 13th) *MUST READ* blo... “There are more than 6,000 men currently imp... States are starting to move away from using solita... “Studies show that people who get access to ... “We have a system where outcomes are shaped ... “According to a 2013 report from the America... “According to a new study from the Pew Chari... Black and Latino NYPD officers file a separate cla... RT @DPA_NY: Young people cracking drug war myths b... RT @IndependentLens: The Creator of The Wire Expla... A town in Massachusetts treats addicted persons li... i just watched this. Last week, Pope Francis criticized the drug war in his address to the United Nations. Assange will be beamed in live, as a hologram, from his asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Eugene Jarecki and Rodrigo Morganti wish to think the extraordinary men and women of San Patrignano for their courage, trust, emotional honesty, and a life-changing visit. We hope that the atmosphere created by recent steps in the right direction by the Obama administration and the DOJ will extend into Congress. On the anniversary of the assassination of our country’s preeminent civil rights leader, Op-Ed columnist Katrina vanden Heuvel reminds readers that the struggle to achieve true equality for African-Americans continues to this day. Episode Three: The House We Live In (1:00:51) NARRATOR: It is all around us. If you’re a young man of color, you may see it as threatening.” — A piece on the indignities perpetrated by police drug searches, which seem “more like rape than law enforcement”. RT @amyschumer: End the drug war. What Salon calls the “Drug war’s massive defeat” is underway, and if you sent a letter to the Sentencing Commission you played a part in helping 46,000 drug war prisoners and their families move closer to justice, potentially reducing their sentences by an average of 2 years each. A town in Massachusetts treats addicted persons like patients instead of criminals, and it’s working. Last week, Students for Prison Education and Reform: Princeton (SPEAR) hosted the “Building a New Criminal Justice” conference, where after a screening of our film, director Eugene Jarecki and journalist Chris Hedges engaged in an informative discussion about the failed war on drugs and its impact on our society. “We have a system where outcomes are shaped much more by poverty than they are by innocence or guilt.” Senior Attorney Alicia D’Addario interviewed by ATTN: “According to a 2013 report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), there are approximately 3,278 prisoners serving life sentences without parole for nonviolent drug crimes. There’s nothing wrong at all with giving [people in prison] the chance to get a college education,” says attorney David Halperin, who writes frequently about the for-profit college industry. Please check out shining a light on one of the most hidden aspects of prison, solitary confinement, made WITH those who’ve lived. Asian Indians were not legally white, even though science classified Tomorrow, Michelle Alexander will be participating in an RSVP-only conference call, hosted by Drug Policy Alliance and open to the press and public, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in continuing to fight against the drug war and mass incarceration. New York Civil Liberties Union – NYCLU produces an episode of Project Liberty covering the school-to-prison pipeline in New York City. interviews the great icon activist Angela Davis on prison abolition and the war on drugs. The choice is yours., “The Obama Administration announced a new program today to address the heroin and prescription opioid crisis. that race shouldn't matter for citizenship. Not only would many offenders avoid the crippling mark of a felony record, but the expected savings to the state government of up to a few hundred million dollars per year would be earmarked for mental health and substance abuse treatment, for counseling of potential school dropouts and for victim services, in hopes of breaking the cycle of crime. Watc…. BREAKING: President Obama just granted clemency to 46 men and women whose sentences didn’t fit their crimes. Watch the premiere of Evolution of a Criminal Film on Independent Lens | PBS tonight at 10PM. Last week, presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders introduced the Justice Is Not for Sale Act, which would ban government contracts with private prisons. Among whites, the equivalent number is 99.” Black men being removed from the community is driven by mass incarceration. John Oliver discussed mandatory minimum sentencing on this past Sunday’s episode and featured our coverage of Kevin Ott’s story:, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s topic was mandatory minimum sentencing last night and featured The House I Live In’s coverage of Kevin Ott’s story. Thanks to Lori White for this! Rick was arrested for doing what a drug task force had previously encouraged and paid him to do starting when he was just 14 years old. #blacklivesmatter. Please watch our video and click through to send a letter to your lawmakers telling them to support #SmarterSentencing. So excited to have you here and can’t wait for Sunday. See you again in September! Dear Friends, @JohnLegend we agree! #SchoolsNotPrisons, Our Executive Producer John Legend is hitting the phones to support Yes on Prop 47 – In this video he explains how this measure will help move California away from mass incarceration, instead putting those much needed tax dollars into schools and mental health centers. Over 60k people are following The Documentary Network. #SmarterSentencing #NoMoreDrugWar, RT @SilversideDE: Join us thus Wednesday at 6:00 for a viewing of The House I Live In by @EugeneJarecki #SilversideChurch #NetDE #wilmDe, RT @EugeneJarecki: Proud 2 help nearly 50k prisoners & their families. This week will see much discussion on Capitol Hill about the drug war. of Peabody-winning “House I Live In” (@DrugWarMovie) writes “Just Say No…to the War on Drugs” ht…, RT @WesCPE: Via @EugeneJarecki of @DrugWarMovie fame, “JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs” …, Scott Budnick, producer of The Hangover franchise, writes about the innovative correctional educational programs at Ironwood State Prison in California, and why they should be a model for the nation. Good question.” – @ebertchicago on @DrugWarMovie I was always a good mother.” #drugwar #family #portrait #quote #prison He’s been there for me all this time since I was a kid. responsible for continuing inequality. Kudos Philly! Happy birthday to a great hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our film is screening for FREE as part of the Texas Drug Policy Conference in Dallas on Friday, January 17th at 2PM. RT @stevezol: The House I Live In. I watched your very informative and touching documentary. What greater success do/can you have in life other than understanding the (valid) definition of “Love?” WATCH: The President Interviews the Creator of The Wire About the War on Drugs. #JustFilms salutes you! Next we see how Italians, Jews and other Take action now and urge President Barack Obama to use his executive powers to grant freedom to victims of the disastrous war on drugs!
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