The earphones are also available in Black, White and Pink. Sudio Tolv True Wireless Earbuds (Black) - 7350071389508 at Maybank TreatsPoints, myTREATS Sudio has also included a short USB Type-C cable for wired charging of the charging case. The earbuds are stored in the case without any plastic film over the charge contacts. NOW RM 259.00 . ; For a 15% discount, enter the code WIRELESS15 at checkout. I've had my Sudio Fem earbuds for about two weeks now and LOVE them! The item was shipped via DHL from Hong Kong and arrived within 6 working days from the order confirmation. It does not work exclusively with the Sudio Elva: you can simply pair with any Bluetooth device you want, even your existing true wireless earbuds. The main difference of the Sudio Ett is that is it the brand’s first wireless earbuds that comes with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature. Compared to the rest, the Sudio Niva is an enjoyable experience all round and better than a wide majority on the market, even with it’s battery shortcomings and large case footprint. Hopefully, the SUDIO Elva can live up to the high expectations set by its predecessors. The earbuds are slightly larger than your standard earphones, but they are light enough you can almost forget you’re wearing them, and importantly here come without a connecting cable – they are true wireless earphones that compete with Apple’s Airpods. Nothing wrong with that, and many wouldn’t find it a problem at all. Freedom to listen longer, with high performance battery life. Connect two Sudio Femtio speakers to one device with its Dual Pairing feature, for robust sonic coverage… At least it was pretty. We reviewed the Sudio Regent headphones a while ago. The Sudio Flyg is an accessory that allows you to plug to any headphone jack on your smartphone or your sound system which transmits to any paired Bluetooth headphones. Sudio Tolv True Wireless Earbuds - Anthracite Copper. Sudio Ett retails for S$239, just S$20 more expensive than the Sudio … S$ 109 inc tax was S$ 199. It’s similar to the SUDIO Vasa BLA, which is the product which defined our trust with the brand. Battery life-wise, Sudio claims that it has 30 hours of playtime and 6 hours of usage in a single charge. Like what you read? Hacker News. $168.00 at … We would like to put the blame on the lack of a high bit-rate bluetooth streaming codec (the Sudio Ett only supports a low bit-rate SBC codec) such as aptX or aptX-HD. Besides Sudio Wireless, have a look at this range of brands such as Xiaomi, Remax and Sony online. The Sudio Regent’s use Bluetooth 4.1 to pair with your devices, and as is the case with most Bluetooth headphones that equates to a range of around 10 meters, or 33 feet. If you have a supported Wireless Charging Pad, the Sudio Ett’s charging case also supports wireless charging as well! The Sudio Tolv earphones are an entry worth paying attention to from Sudio, which pleasantly surprised us in terms of the audio improvements. Sudio really … In terms of comfort, Sudio Ett fits well enough, and it’s designed in such a way that you can twist it around in your ear a lot more to find the right fit. Sudio Femtio is a small but powerful speaker, creating vivid sound that travels easily. Vulcan Post creates content to make smarter consumers and inspired entrepreneurs. Sudio Tolv is the upgraded version of the Sudio Niva which was released last June. Leave a comment here or send the suggestion into our Facebook page. Building on the success of their previous products, the brand just released the Sudio Fem – a set of Wireless Earphones that promises optimal usability and an immersive sound experience. Since Apple came up with the concept of wireless earbuds with the launch of there Airpod, we have seen many companies coming up with wireless earbuds with different price range but most of them are not so impressive when it comes to connection reliability and battery life. There’s no additional settings required and pairing will just work automatically, regardless if you have one or two earbuds. Free delivery & one year warranty. Another factor that we really liked about the Sudio Ett is that it’s really light and fits really well in the ears. $79.00 $149.00. Sudio ETT review At SGD 239, the Sudio ETT marks the first entry-level option in the relatively new and yet-uncontested segment of ANC true wireless earphones. I have been waiting for Sudio to launch ANC wireless earbuds, as that is the next obvious choice for their wireless earbuds product line. The TOLV comes in very compact design, it has much smaller case which will easily fit in your pocket. True Wireless Earbuds Sudio set out to be the leading representation of three defining parts of Swedish culture – the deep musical heritage, novel Scandinavian design, and consistent craftsmanship. Sudio wireless earphones. Sound 6.5. Specially for Black Friday, Sudio will also be having a 35% discount from November 23-30, 2020. After checking out this companies website they offer […] What I think is good or bad may not be the same for you. That’s just because you haven’t tried something even better. I love that they come with multiple sizes of ear pieces to uses on the earbuds. From emerging startups to billion-dollar unicorns, we bring you stories of remarkable Sudio has always been quick to update their products to be relevant with the current tech trends. Categories Gadgets News Reviews. SG. Tags Bluetooth earphones earphones Sudio Tretton. Performance 7. Sudio Niva is Sudio first product into the wireless earbuds market. Against the $379 AirPods Pro and the $349 Sony WF-1000XM3, the ETT represents quite a discount while nailing key features on paper. Sudio Fem is Sudio’s third wireless earbuds after Sudio Niva and Sudio Tolv.. Regardless, if you are interested in the Sudio Ett, you still can purchase it from the Sudio Web store at I’ve never felt comfortable with the whole “hold button for X seconds to increase/decrease volume” concept on wireless earbuds, however, so the lack of it with Sudio Ett sits perfectly fine with me. Free delivery & one year warranty. Get 25% off everything. Around the time I was writing that review, a colleague of mine was also reviewing Sudio Fem, Sudio’s then-latest wireless earbuds, and while she liked them, I didn’t. The previous design, Sudio Fem, had no buttons at all which made it look sleek and seamless, but when it comes to controls, I much prefer having actual buttons. Sudio Tolv True Wireless Earbuds - Anthracite Copper. Want to suggest something else for us to try? One of the founders of Sudio had bumped into the musician whilst he happened to be having a problem with the wires of his headphone. Audio will be compressed and many details will be lost. It comes with 3 pairs of earbuds, micro USB charger, guarantee certificate for 1-year international warranty, instruction. All Rights Reserved. Moreover, we also found out that switching between single earbud mode and dual earbud mode was also a breeze. RM 299.00 RM 259.00 RM 299.00 . Priced at S$219, it is available in four colors, White, Black, Blue, and Pink.. Whether you want to simply mellow out or add a little soundtrack music to your day, a pair of earbuds or in-ear headphones makes it easy. The future of affordable true-wireless earphones. You can confidently control your music playback with these buttons as such: Most controls are rather straightforward and easy to remember. You can get around 5 to 6 hours of playtime per full charge, which is the average standard for most true wireless earbuds.The Fem’s case has an additional 20 hours which is about average extra battery life in truly wireless earbuds’ charging case. Sudio Wireless In-Ear Headphones Malaysia [Free Shipping] Tolv R True Wireless Earbuds [100% Original ], Tolv True Wireless Earbuds and FEM IPX5 True Wireless Earbuds are the most popular series of Sudio Wireless. Unlike the common wireless earbuds, such as the SUDIO Ett, SUDIO Tolv and SUDIO Niva, the SUDIO Elva comes with a neck band. I had yet to find a wireless earbud that would stay in my ears and this one fits perfectly. Here at The Tech Revolutionist, we go deep into technology to look at how things work, and how it affects the society today. Bottom Line: Honestly, I’d reach for Sudio Ett a lot more if it wasn’t for the fact that they made my ears get sore after a while. It will take two to five business days to reach you. The trouble with these wireless earbuds is that if they run out of battery, you will be out of luck to use them while concurrently charging. Black Friday X Cyber Monday SALE: Add to cart for extra savings! Sudio Niva - Black & White Sudio Niva - Black & White Also, you will receive a complimentary tote bag with every purchase. The Sudio Fem retails at S$219 (inclusive of shipping) at the official website which comes with 12 months international warranty but could be … Unlike the common wireless earbuds, such as the SUDIO Ett, SUDIO Tolv and SUDIO Niva, the SUDIO Elva comes with a neck band. Box contents laid out below. Sudio ETT review . No. Author’s Blurb: I used to be anti-wireless earbuds for the longest time and only just found joy in using them a few months ago. The charging case is very lightweight and hollow. Sudio Tolv R True Wireless Lifestyle Earbuds - White. It’s certainly something that quite troublesome. Follow us on Facebook. The only downside with the … The Tolv charging case is much smaller and made out of a premium-feeling matte black rubberised material with Sudio embossed on the side. This makes the Sudio Elva retail package rather attractive. This prevents expressive and uncompressed music to reach the earbuds in its full glory. But all this time, I wasn’t sure if I just liked that pair, or if I would now be able to enjoy all kinds of wireless earbuds. That’s something quite useful and unique. The Sudio Tolv headphones come in … My first pair of what Sudio calls their ‘truly wireless’ earphones with earbuds only was the Sudio Nivå (no longer in production) which I got to test in 2018. Sudio Fem base used Usb C cable for fast charge, I wish the casing has another slot to keep a Usb C cable (or better still, wireless … Here is the summary of control: Vulcan Post / Copyright © 2020 GRVTY Media Pte. A Small, Popular Glasshouse Café In KL Was Their Ticket To Building A Major F&B Group, 10 Job-Hunting Apps In Malaysia That Have Employers Actively Hiring For 2021, This Cheras Shoe Shop Survived 50+ Years Serving A Niche Target Market—Ballroom Dancers, Old Property-Hunting Ways Can Go Home, This M’sian App Lets You GPS Listings & Agents, 13 Online Platforms In M’sia To Buy Indoor Potted Plants For The Green Aesthetic At Home. Specifications. I would typically notice the discomfort and soreness each time I wore Sudio Ett for longer music-listening sessions. The Sudio ETT in Green. Like all true wireless earphones, I would accompany these with a set of wired earphones or bluetooth wired earbuds which last longer. Sure enough, these earphones are just two fancy earbuds without any wires in sight, quite a far cry from the jack-free Vasa Blå and Tre which I will talk a bit more about below. As for features, these aesthetically striking wireless earbuds certainly come packed with lots of new features. The Sudio Flyg is an accessory that allows you to plug to any headphone jack on your smartphone or your sound system which transmits to any paired Bluetooth headphones. In other words, the Regent’s are pretty standard in the Bluetooth department. If you’ve looking at it as a relatively affordable wireless set of earphones, they sound decent, if a little neutral. GeForce Gamers are Game Ready for ‘Valorant’ and More, Roborock S6 MaxV Review: The Vacuum Cleaner for a Smart Home, OPPO’s upcoming offerings among the first 5G Smartphones to be powered by Flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform, realme’s upcoming flagship “Race” to be among first powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G. That allows you to pair not just the Sudio Elva, but any wireless earbuds to them, which makes this package an attractive deal. Sudio is disrupting the industry by transforming earphones from an electronic product into a wearable accessory with studio-quality sound. These are my personal opinion, and please take these comments with a pinch of salt, as you may feel differently when you get to test these earphones for yourself. Call quality was clear, and I never got any complaints from people on the other end of the line saying that they couldn’t hear me. Personally, Sudio Ett still leaves something to be desired when it comes to audio quality, but it’s heaps better than what I experienced with Sudio Fem. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The main difference of the Sudio Ett is that is it the brand’s first wireless earbuds that comes with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature. Do make sure that you choose the right earbuds with the right fit, as it will affect sound quality and comfort. Each iteration brings about more improvements over the previous model.
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