Your own preferences will determine which one is better for you. For years that stood as the companies flagship before the HD800s came along and remedied some of the original issues. It'd been a while since I've heard the HD800s before hearing the HD820 but the perceived difference in "stereo width" was negligible. In others, it’s as little as 3 db. The headband and yokes are essentially the same, although the HD820 has slightly thicker hinges, most likely to better support the slightly denser ear cups. The HD820 is more noticeable on the head – not in a bad way – just more acutely aware of its presence. Over the new few months, I’ll be reviewing a few of these new entrants into the closed-back market. Sennheiser has fixed the original HD 800's Achilles' heel. It’s ridged embellishments are actually part of the frame as a whole. He's written about music for publications like Filter and Under the Radar and about politics for publications like New Republic, Jacobin, and Dissent. Sly5thAve - Still D.R.E: The strings at the very start are a little more coherent on the HD800S. As a result, they both have a similar vibe to their look. While the dip seems to accentuate the instrumental separation and reduce muddiness with well-recorded, well-mixed material, the HD820’s unique frequency response makes some sonically less-than-stellar material even cloudier. Also very apparent in the measurements is the HD820’s bass quantity. The low frequencies of the Focal Stellia and Sennheiser HD 820 are quite different from each other. Focal Clear vs Sennheiser HD 800 S. Focal Clear. The HD 800 S have a better-balanced sound that is more neutral and even with instruments, more consistent with their bass and slightly more detailed on lead vocals and instruments. There’s also the fact that, despite being a closed can, the HD820 (red) don’t isolate better than vented closed cans like the aforementioned Atticus (orange), which lacks the HD820’s soundstage, microdetail, and low bass extension, but bests the HD820 on overall dynamics, smoothness, and (crucially) tonal balance: Whereas the HD800S can now stand toe-to-toe (and often best) any open can in its price range, the HD820 are hard to recommend over another warm-leaning closed can like the Atticus, which (at a U.S. MSRP of $1,099) happens to come in at less than half the price of the HD820. HD820 vs HD800S. Sennheiser HD820 – close call. The HDV 820 is one hell of a versatile headphone amplifier on its own regardless of your choice of cans though. Shares. As the piano and drums kick in, the impressive bass slam of the HD820 becomes obvious, but so does its somewhat disjoined presentation. Our Verdict. Therefore, their overall fit on the head is nearly identical other than the difference in weight. They’re classy and well made, built sturdily e… As a result, both headphones have a similar feel and response to transients and energy in the low frequencies. Despite the Clear’s extra bass, its bass is also cleaner than the HD800S’s. In addition to longform written reviews, he also handles the MajorHiFi Youtube channel. I have heard the HD700, HD800, HD800s and the HD820. It’s also super wide, expansive, and has a real sense of depth. Both headphones are made to listen at home, and Sennheiser claims that the goal of the HD 820 was to replicate the magnificent soundstage of the HD 800 S. Today, I will try to answer that question as best as I can with this Sennheiser HD 820 vs Sennheiser HD 800 S Comparison Review. The good news is that the HD820’s dip doesn’t sound quite as large as it measures. Since then, Josh has listened to lots of music, owned lots of gear, and done lots of book learnin'. For example, when I was listening to MUNA’s song, Winterbreak-Tiesto’s Deep House Remix, the bass synth seemed to have more energy when I was listening to the HD 820. Cyrus Audio Announces the New XR Series Amplifiers, Cambridge Audio to Release Melomania Touch True Wireless In Ear Headphone. If you like how the HD800S looks (and I do), you’ll also appreciate the HD820’s black-and-silver color scheme and build that mixes high-strength plastic and aluminum. While both have a sense of extension, the Stellia’s low end has more energy and level than the HD 820. For example, in the song Moon and Sound by Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, and Jack DeJohnette, the piano really has the stage when I was listening with the HD 820. MajorHiFi may receive commission through retail offers. Sennheiser HD 800 S. Why is Focal Clear better than Sennheiser HD 800 S? 11 April 2016. While the added cup material causes the HD820 to weigh in at 360 grams compared to the HD800S’s 330 grams, neither is a heavy headphone. The opening synth line of “Baba O’Riley” sounds “scooped out” on the HD820, suppressing harmonics that are usually front-and-center and revealing others that are usually inaudible. Their coated in the same microfiber coating as the headband. It is a separate layer from the thicker frame around it. But the past few years have seen companies like Focal, Audeze, and Sennheiser attempting to turn some of their best open headphones into audiophile-grade closed cans. Sennheiser HD820 review: too closed for comfort. The German company has taken what was a … On the flat side of the pad, where the pad touches the head,, they are coated in microfiber. Additionally, there is more body to the frame of the earcup of the HD 820. On the other hand, the HD 820’s pads are thicker. Both have the same nominal impedance (300 ohms) and nearly the same sensitivity (103 dB for the HD820 and 102 dB for the HD800s). 00 $ 1,449. Sennheiser HD 800 S $ 1,490. Sennheiser HD800S vs Focal Utopia (My experience) * So today finally i got to audition the Focal Utopia to HD800S. When the band enters, Keith Moon’s cymbals project far left and Pete Townshend’s guitar far right without any sense of exaggeration. In some measurements it’s as much as 15 db. Sennheiser HD800S. They made the Gorilla Glass panels in the cups convex to direct reflections into dampened chambers so that “reflected sound waves have virtually no chance of disturbing the movement of the HD 820's advanced 56 mm transducers and of compromising the precision of the audio reproduction,” as Sennheiser puts it. They also have a larger soundstage thanks to their open-back design. So, just as Sennheiser has nearly perfected its flagship open can by revising the HD800 into the HD800S, it’s also introduced a technically impressive but tonally flawed top-of-the-line closed can in the HD820. After testing different cup materials, Grell and his fellow designers settled on Gorilla Glass due to its rigidity. Could Sennheiser capture the HD800S series sound in a closed back design? Physically, the HD820 also resembles the HD800S. The Sennheiser HD800s still seems the standard which people judge headphones by, although I notice that there are some high end closed back by Sennheiser now (HD820 at 2K), I personally didn't get on with the Focal's but this is a really personal thing due to fit and weight. Sennheiser has clearly made the HD 800 S to address the one major criticism that was consistently levelled at the HD 800, that their treble can sound a little harsh. Both headphones high frequency responses have a very similar vibe, it’s just that the HD 800 S tilts up. Both the Sennheiser HD 820 and the Sennheiser HD 800 S have slight, subtle boosts in their low frequencies. Both the Sennheiser HD 820 and the Sennheiser HD 800 S have earpads that follow the asymmetrical shape of their earcups. However, they give precedence to slightly different areas of the low frequency spectrum and different instruments as a result. The openness and elevated highs of the Sennheiser HD 800 S lays a blanket of slightly dramatic height over everything. My recent review of the Sennheiser HD 820 prompted from questions from our subscribers, and inspired curiosity in me as well. Listening to “Baba O’Riley” from the clear and dynamic mid-1980s mastering of Who’s Next, the tonal contrast between the HD800S and the HD820 is marked. I won’t dwell too much on the physical except to say that the 30g difference in weight isn’t very noticeable, but the added clamp definitely is. The HD 820 has a boost in the high part of the lows, almost bordering on the low-mids. The HD 820’s lows are modest in volume, although have a feeling of evenness and realism to them. As a result, the HD 800 S has thinner and lighter earcups than the HD 820. I auditioned  both and I preferred the HD-800S. As a result, vocals sound more natural and brighter in the HD 800 S than the HD 820. The Sennheiser HD 820 look similar to the HD 800 S but have different, closed-back ear cups. Add that to the fact that "headstage" is something I find more elusive than most other HP enthusiasts (It's all "between the ears" and nothing compared to a normal two channel image IMO), the Sennheisers are a bit flawed - but I know I swim upstream in this opinion.
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