Sharing resources between VMs may decrease the security of each VM. Chong F, Carraro G, Wolter R: Multi-tenant data architecture. PaaS as well as SaaS are hosted on top of IaaS; thus, any breach in IaaS will impact the security of both PaaS and SaaS services, but also it may be true on the other way around. This work was supported in part by the NSF (grants OISE-0730065). International Conference on Signal Acquisition and Processing (ICSAP’10) 2010, 278–281. In IEEE youth conference on information Computing and telecommunications (YC-ICT). As described in this paper, storage, virtualization, and networks are the biggest security concerns in Cloud Computing. Technical report, Helsinki University of Technology, October 2007 . Cloud providers have to decrypt cipher data in order to process it, which raises privacy concerns. The TC participates in the process of launching or migrating a VM, which verifies that a VM is running in a trusted platform. For instance, in threat T10, an attacker can read or tamper with the contents of the VM state files during live migration. Security Implications: PaaS PaaS: Virtual Environments - Provides dynamic load balancing capacity across multiple file systems and machines. SaaS provides software delivered over the web while PaaS offers development tools to create SaaS applications. With a private cloud, your organization will have total control over the solution from top to bottom. SSL is the underpinnings of most of the "security" utilized in the cloud and, for that matter, the Internet in general. The cloud model provides three types of services [21, 28, 29]: Software as a Service (SaaS). In Cloud Computing. A SaaS provider may rent a development environment from a PaaS provider, which might also rent an infrastructure from an IaaS provider. Furthermore, web services are the largest implementation technology in cloud environments. Security controls in Cloud Computing are, for the most part, no different than security controls in any IT environment. Keiko Hashizume. This threat is feasible because any legitimate user can create a VM image and publish it on the provider’s repository where other users can retrieve them. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top ten cloud computing security issues to help you better understand the threats that your organisation might be facing. Sending or storing encrypted data in the cloud will ensure that data is secure. We have carried out a systematic review [13–15] of the existing literature regarding security in Cloud Computing, not only in order to summarize the existing vulnerabilities and threats concerning this topic but also to identify and analyze the current state and the most important security issues for Cloud Computing. Finally, we provide some conclusions. In Proceedings of APSEC 2010 Cloud Workshop. Washington, DC, USA: IEEE Computer Society; 2012:86–89. Traditional security mechanisms may not work well in cloud environments because it is a complex architecture that is composed of a combination of different technologies. Privacy Unfortunately, integrating security into these solutions is often perceived as making them more rigid [4]. However, the underlying compute, network, and storage infrastructure is controlled by cloud providers. IEEE Security Privacy 2010, 8(1):77–80. Article  They claimed that RSA is the most recognizable algorithm, and it can be used to protect data in cloud environments. In this paper we are going to some major security issues of current cloud computing environments. Futur Gener Comput Syst 2012, 28(3):583–592. But rolling back virtual machines can re-expose them to security vulnerabilities that were patched or re-enable previously disabled accounts or passwords. Security policies are needed to ensure that customer’s data are kept separate from other customers [35]. Cloud computing security issues and challenges 1. In Proceedings of the 2009 conference on Hot topics in cloud computing, San Diego, California. Washington, DC, USA: IEEE Computer, Society; 2010:V13–33. In Information Security Curriculum Development Conference, Kennesaw, Georgia. IaaS provides a pool of resources such as servers, storage, networks, and other computing resources in the form of virtualized systems, which are accessed through the Internet [24]. Cloud Computing is a relatively new concept that presents a good number of benefits for its users; however, it also raises some security problems which may slow down its use. Tebaa M, El Hajji S, El Ghazi A: Homomorphic encryption method applied to Cloud Computing. The SaaS provider is the one responsible for the security of the data while is being processed and stored [30]. Therefore, any vulnerability associated to these technologies also affects the cloud, and it can even have a significant impact. Part of Traditional web applications, data hosting, and virtualization have been looked over, but some of the solutions offered are immature or inexistent. Vordel CTO Mark O'Neill looks at 5 critical challenges. Popovic K, Hocenski Z: Cloud Computing Security issues and challenges. If the data location is not safe physically and logically then there is always a threat to the CSC’s data. Lack of customer background checks – most cloud providers do not check their customer’s background, and almost anyone can open an account with a valid credit card and email. PaaS application security comprises two software layers: Security of the PaaS platform itself (i.e., runtime engine), and Security of customer applications deployed on a PaaS platform . It also creates confusion over which service provider is responsible once an attack happens. Ju J, Wang Y, Fu J, Wu J, Lin Z: Research on Key Technology in SaaS. Available: Available: Keene C: The Keene View on Cloud Computing. MASS’09. - Provides ability to pool computing resources (e.g., Linux clustering). Terms and Conditions, In National Days of Network Security and Systems (JNS2). Therefore, the research question addressed by our research was the following: What security vulnerabilities and threats are the most important in Cloud Computing which have to be studied in depth with the purpose of handling them? According to the Cloud Security Alliancethe list of the main cloud security threats includes the following: It groups virtual machines that have common objectives into workloads named Trusted Virtual Domains (TVDs). PubMed Google Scholar. Accessed: 16-Jul-2011., DOI: endobj In Proceedings of the 3rd ACM workshop on Cloud Computing Security workshop. PaaS providers are responsible for securing the platform software stack that includes the runtime engine that runs the customer applications. Available: .
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