There are information boards scattered around detailing the filming locations. Both sides of the road were filmed as Fangorn Forest; remote cameras were strung from high wires to film the hobbits moving through the trees. See our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to understand how you can manage cookies. A drive over the hills to the Wairarapa region will take you to the eerie Putangirua Pinnacles, where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli sought the Paths of the Dead. An inspiring Lord of the Rings Trilogy valley in the Mount Aspiring National Park. The sheer drama of the South Island's mountain ranges and wilderness areas means there are dozens of filming locations to visit that are stunning in their own right - even non-movie buffs will enjoy these. It's a nice place to spend a bit of time swimming if you need a break. A bonus location for you here at Earnslaw Burn, a filming location from The Hobbit. [T 5], Rivendell was founded in the Second Age as a "refuge and stronghold", after the destruction of the Elvish realm of Eregion (Hollin) by the Dark Lord Sauron. We also use cookies to show you the best of New Zealand on other platforms. The song focuses on the tranquillity and seemingly endless time a weary traveller could find there. [T 8][T 9][T 10], Following the destruction of the One Ring at the end of the Third Age, Elrond's ring lost its power and he tired of Middle-earth. On their way they stopped at Rivendell, and while there learnt how they might be able to achieve their goal. For more Hobbit locations around New Zealand, see 10 “The Hobbit” Filming Locations You Can’t Miss! Although the movie sets are no longer here, the area is still beautiful. [T 2][T 3][T 4] Like Hobbiton, it is at about the same latitude as Tolkien's workplace, Oxford. From the towering Mount Doom in Mordor, to the dreamy Hobbiton™ in the Shire, New Zealand's otherworldly landscapes brought the movies to life. Filming locations spanned more than 150 locations in both the North and the South Islands. He had invaded Eregion to seize the Rings of power from the Elven smiths. If you were only able to visit one … Rivendell (Sindarin: Imladris) is a valley in J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional world of Middle-earth. image credit: Stefan Roesch From the carpark, the location entrance is clearly marked. Visit Wellington’s Kaitoke Regional Park where a sign marks the exact spot Frodo recovered from the knife attack in Rivendell or drive up the west coast to Queen … From the towering Mount Doom in Mordor, to the dreamy Hobbiton™ in the Shire, New Zealand's otherworldly landscapes brought the movies to life. Peter Jackson found the filming location for Rivendell in 2001's The Fellowship of the Ring in Kaitoke Regional Park in his native New Zealand. Originally conceived as a feature film … Game of Thrones: All seasons: All over Iceland. This is a really great way to see Wellington and learn about the filmmaking process of the films. Five or eight extra days outside the seasons make the length of the loa 365 or 368 days. That same year, another Council member, the wizard Gandalf, helped the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins and a company of dwarves on their quest to reclaim Erebor. To the left are the River Anduin and the Pillars of the Argonath. The first filming location we visited is called the Putangirua Pinnacles. Rivendell (the forest, between Upper Hutt and Featherston): one of the most well-preserved and attractive the Lord of the Rings filming locations in New Zealand. For outsiders it proved to be a "refuge for the weary and the oppressed, and a treasury of good counsel and wise lore",[T 13] and was visited by peoples of all races seeking sanctuary, healing, and the wisdom of Elrond. While in reality, the waterfalls were made through the magic of CGI, the actual location is still enchanting even without them. Near Twizel in the Mackenzie Country, Peter Jackson filmed the epic battle of the Pelennor Fields, where thousands of orcs bred by Sauron clashed with the men of Gondor and Rohan. Angelus Lakes, Nelson Lakes National Park. The peaceful, sheltered town of Rivendell was located at the edge of a narrow gorge of the river Bruinen (one of the main approaches to Rivendell comes from the nearby Ford of Bruinen), but well hidden in the moorlands and foothills of the Misty Mountains. See glorious 360-degree images of Hobbiton here. You’re welcome. Rivendell consistently represents a sanctuary, a place that feels like home. From the air, you'll get an eagle's view of the region's three national parks - Abel Tasman, Nelson Lakes and Kahurangi. They were relieved by an army of Elves from Lineon and Men of Númenor. Nelson Tasman is home to Jens Hansen, the goldsmith responsible for creating the 40 different rings used in production. It was later rebuilt for the filming of The Hobbit Trilogy and is now a permanent attraction. The Putangirua Pinnacles were used to film a scene in the Return of the King when Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli take the Dimholt Road to ride to meet the Army of the Dead before the Battle of Pelennor Fields. There is a parking next to the forest, and nearby you … 19. Another memorable location can be found near Queenstown at Arrowtown where you can walk to the Ford of Bruinen on the Arrow River; you can also walk to Wilcox Green, where the Gladden Fields scenes were filmed. Giant stone archway Rivendell: Tourists often take pictures under the stone archway Frodo and his friends exited through when leaving the Elven City of Rivendell, which is … The most accessible filming location in Wellington is Mount Victoria, which is within walking distance of the central city. In the hills straight ahead is the Dimrill Dale. It was attacked in the fourteenth century of the Third Age by the armies of the Witch-king of Angmar. The heirs of the chieftains of the Rangers were fostered in Rivendell as children. The Waiau River between Te Anau and Manapouri represented the River Anduin as the Fellowship paddled south from Lothlórien. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed entirely in New Zealand. It is an important location in Tolkien's legendarium, featured in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and Unfinished Tales. This location is where the Fellowship move south from Rivendell, unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit this location. Whether or not you're a Tolkein fan, you'll find it almost impossible not to compare New Zealand to Middle‑earth™. "[8], Shippey remarks that Tolkien, a Christian, was extremely careful with dates and timelines, but that hardly any readers notice that the Fellowship sets out on its quest on 25 December, the date of Christmas, and succeeds, destroying the Ring and causing the fall of Sauron, on 25 March, the date in Anglo-Saxon tradition for the Crucifixion. Some areas of the park are also shown on screen with the Fords of Isen. In Rivendell the culture, wisdom, and lore of the Elves of the Elder Days was preserved. Rivendell is the site of filming of Rivendell in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tour In Lord Of The Rings Filming Locations From Wellington: Rivendell, Isengard & More Although most travellers know Wellington for its walkability, Lord of the Rings fans are often disappointed to find that many of the region’s shooting locations are out of the city and down an unwelcoming rural side-road. Fearing the growing power of Sauron, his enemies form the White Council to allow them to debate and strategize how to confront his menace. [12][5] Frodo Baggins and his companions journeyed to Rivendell to deliver the Ring to safety from Sauron's agents, staying there for more than two months. The location is on private land, however you can arrange a tour in the town of Twizel. The lush dairy farming landscape around the Waikato town of Matamata was used to portray the peaceful Shire region of Middle‑earth™.
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