Mr. Hart, if you don’t like “balderdash”, perhaps you could approve of “stultiloquence” or “blatherskite”. The central problem of political philosophy is how to deploy or limit public power so as to maintain the survival and enhance the quality of human life. [3], Karl Popper blamed Plato for the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century, seeing Plato's philosopher kings, with their dreams of 'social engineering' and 'idealism', as leading directly to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin (via Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx respectively). Political philosophy, branch of philosophy that is concerned, at the most abstract level, with the concepts and arguments involved in political opinion. But surely the fact that physicians, nurses, attorneys, physicists, and philosophers endure long periods of training and must pass multiple examinations makes them more likely to be qualified to do their jobs than if they were chosen randomly or by a vote of the ignorant. was an Athenian philosopher who is widely recognized among the most important philosophers of the Western world. To identify moral individuals we might use Plato’s model of observing people for many years to assess their moral virtue, or we may prefer the one used for centuries in ancient China—the Imperial Exams. [1], In the Republic, Plato's Socrates raises a number of objections to democracy. Surely all of this is insane! Because the faculty would be selected by Congress, it would not be tainted in the minds of right-wing voters as just another ivory tower of leftist fanatics. And if you want to understand the science of climate change, you would consult a climate scientist, not a scientifically illiterate politician. The more experienced graduates could also be candidates for appointed offices. As we say in the suburbs, “tut, tut, indeed.” That is, get a grip, sir. We have all had the notion driven into our heads that democracy is the highest and best form of political structure. [Plato] was a disgruntled old man, full of political rancor, fearing and hating the crowd and above all their demagogues; his prejudices had crystallized and he had become an old doctrinaire, unable to see anything but the reflections of his own personality and to hear anything but the echoes of … He also claims that democracies have leaders without proper skills or morals and that it is quite unlikely that the best equipped to rule will come to power. Much of the conversation in the dialogues does not deal with abstract speculation but with ordinary, everyday matters. Most people look to Republic and Laws to begin to see Plato’s political thoughts. Platos strategy in The Republic is to first explicate the primary notion of societal, or political, justice, and then to derive an analogous concept of individual justice. I. ), auxiliaries (warriors), and guardians (rulers); a society is just when relations between these three classes are right. While Republic can be read, as a whole, as a work of formal political philosophy, Plato’s specific thoughts concerning the nature of the supposed ideal city (his political philosophy) come out in Books… [4], Plato: Political philosophy - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Philosopher king - Encyclopedia Britannica,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Plato had also attended courses of philosophy; before meeting Socrates, he first became acquainted with Cratylus (a disciple of Heraclitus, a prominent pre-Socratic Greek philosopher) and the Heraclitean doctrines. Now none of this guarantees that will we get good politicians, nor that society will flourish as a result because even after long periods of training there are incompetent and immoral politicians, physicians and philosophy professors. Seems relevant to this post. PLATO (428-348 b.C.) The sensible world, according to Plato is the world of contingent, contrary to the intelligible world, which contains essences or ideas, intelligible forms, models of all things, saving the phenomena and give them meaning. Guardians/Soldiers: Those who keep order in the society and protect it from invaders. Contrary to societal values at the time, Socrates suggests that sex should not be a factor in deciding who should rule, so women as well as men can rule. Plato lists three classes in his ideal society. All the sailors try to convince the owner to give control of the ship over to them, and whoever convinces him becomes the navigator or captain. Like most other ancient philosophers, Plato maintains a virtue-based eudaemonistic conception of ethics. Plato’s political philosophy is the first great theoretical examination of political life and is arguably the core of Plato’s philosophy generally: his most comprehensive and well-known work, the Republic, centers on the basic political question of justice. To combat corruption, Plato's Socrates suggests that the rulers would live simply and communally. But I can imagine one scheme that might help. But the most astounding aspect of Plato (written in the Republic and that has erupted the world) was his “political philosophy”. In his dialogue The Republic, Plato lays out an educational plan to help ensure, as far as possible, that politicians—like physicians, attorneys, nurses, physicists, and philosophy professors—are educated in areas relevant to making important decisions for the society. The children's biological parents will never be known to them, so that no Guardian will prefer his or her own offspring over the common good. Plato was a Greek philosopher known and recognized for having allowed such a considerable philosophical work. I want a physician to treat me, not someone who plays one on TV. The presidential system we now use is clearly inferior to the parliamentary system used almost everywhere else. Due to a lack of surviving accounts, little is known about Plato's early life and education. Plato’s political philosophy is much discussed and debated. Democracy, in Plato’s view, is the worst form of government and would have a tendency toward self-dissolution. “Should”, of course, assumes that “the people” aren’t as idiotic as many have shown themselves to be this year. Suppose your philosophy professor says he had never had a philosophy class, but that he got the job because he knows the dean. We will write a custom Essay on Philosophy: Plato’s Republic versus Aristotle’s Politics specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. This justice was referred to everyone had the proper job in accordance to their … In Books II, III, and IV, Plato identifies political justice as harmony in a structured political body. Graduates of the college would then go through apprenticeships in low-level positions attached to various politicians. Coming from a distinguished family - on his father’s side descending from Codrus, one of the early kings of Athens, and on his mother’s side from Solon, the prominent reformer of the Athenian constitution - he was naturally destined to take an active role in political life… That is to say, happiness or well-being (eudaimonia) is the highest aim of moral thought and conduct, and the virtues (aretê : ‘excellence’) … Doc, you are spot on, as usual, especially about women saving us, cause the data clearly suggests they will, thank Sagan. One of the greatest thinkers in the history of philosophy, Plato was born in Athens as the son of a noble family. He also argues that in a system in which everyone has a right to rule all sorts of selfish people who care nothing for the people but are only motivated by their own personal desires are able to attain power. Plato and Aristotle (Introduction to Greek Philosophy) TIP: Despite the useful truths on this page and its videos, the Greeks need to be understood in their own time.Both Plato and Aristotle are idealists compared to empirically minded figures like Hobbes or Hume.So while the idealist / realist dichotomy works as a comparison of the Greeks, it doesn’t hold up as a timeless truth. Plato's political philosophy has been the subject of much criticism. Producers or Workers: The laborers who make the goods and services in the society. And like Plato, I believe that persons applying to hold a political office should have to pass some kind of exams to demonstrate knowledge of the relevant issues, in the same way, one must pass medical boards (physicians), or the bar (attorneys), or comprehensive examinations (PhD) in order to practice in those realms. By coincidence, CGP Grey just released a video on his YouTube channel summarizing the thesis of a modern day revisiting of “The Prince,” called “The Dictator’s Handbook,” by Alastair Smith. He claims that democracy is a danger due to excessive freedom. Socrates proposes that the Guardians should mate and reproduce, and that the children will be raised communally rather than by their biological parents. He concludes that democracy risks bringing dictators, tyrants, and demagogues to power. Plato’s political theory will be our best focal point. They manipulate and trick the owner into giving over the helm. Summary: Plato (ca. 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