For more details, please reference the Fisher Phillips’ Alert: New Benefit Plan Deadline Extensions Provide Opportunities for Participants - And Burdens For Plan Sponsors. Finally, review your existing remote policy to determine whether it needs updating – or implement a remote work policy if you started the practice without one. UPDATED ANSWER (May 6, 2020)After shelter-in-place orders are lifted, can we require an employee to notify the company if they have been exposed, have symptoms, and/or have tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus? The general point is that a similar flattening of the Phillips curve can be caused by very different types of changes, a change in the structure of the economy unrelated to policy or a change in the monetary policy rule. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has the complete discretion to deny entry. From no restrictions … To the extent you are taking employees’ temperatures and collecting information from employees regarding testing for COVID-19, you should consider the applicable data privacy statutes that may impose requirements for maintaining the security of this data. UPDATED QUESTION AND ANSWER (June 18, 2020)If we collect and maintain information about employees’ temperature checks and/or COVID-19 diagnosis, will such collection or disclosure of this information trigger any HIPAA obligations? No. For Covid-19 recession: CEA, "Evaluating the Effects of the Economic Response to COVID-19," August 12, 2020 For ... For Phillips Curve section: Bob Arnold, "How CBO Produces Its 10-Year Economic Forecast," Working Paper 2018-02 (February 2018). While EFMLA does not add to the total 12 weeks an employee may be entitled to under the traditional FMLA, this may not be the case with respect to state “mini-FMLA” laws. In addition to general employee relations concerns that may arise where employees discuss pay among themselves, you need to ensure your compensation decisions are based on legitimate, non-discriminatory business reasons. This is an evolving and largely untested area of law. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (April 30, 2020)If we decide to reduce an H-1B worker’s hours to part-time employment and/or reduce pay, are we required to file an amended H-1B petition with USCIS? This can also mean that employees have new territories as they have picked up areas from co-workers who have been discharged or fallen ill. For any employer that lists specific job duties and/or territories in a non-compete restriction, this would trigger a need to revise the covenants. If a former employee cannot find a job that complies with their non-compete restriction, then they will be more likely to take one that does not. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (April 30, 2020)How can we extend the stay of a foreign national who entered as a business visitor using ESTA or the Visa Waiver Program if that foreign national is unable to depart? Generally, employers may make a prospective change in the types of benefits they provide to employees absent a collective bargaining agreement. What should the application process include? These factors include: If an employer makes a reasonable and good faith inquiry but cannot determine whether it is more likely than not that exposure in the workplace played a role in the confirmed case of COVID-19, OSHA says that the employer does not need to record the illness. Although employers must use an interactive process to find reasonable accommodations for employees who claim that they cannot wear masks, employers should not grant any accommodation that poses an undue hardship or a direct threat to employee health—both of which are fact-specific determinations that an interactive process can preclude or develop. Some provide credits, exemptions, or “offsets” for employers that already provide generous leave benefits. When considering whether a change in the conduct of policy is appropriate following a flattening of the Phillips curve, simply knowing that the Phillips curve has flattened is not sufficient, we need to focus on the possible causes. On the other hand, if your FTE count is 15 during the forgiveness period, your forgiveness is only reduced by 25%, or $125,000. Il y montre qu'à des taux très bas d'inflation, les agents ont tendance à ne plus se focaliser sur l'inflation et ajustent moins bien leurs anticipations. 227. All of these steps come with a whole new set of labor and employment challenges. Expect further states to try and enact similar emergency laws in the coming weeks and months. Coronavirus Information: As you are no doubt aware, the spread of the coronavirus has resulted in many events around the world being cancelled, postponed or reformatted to allow for remote participation. Can you provide remote “help desk” assistance on a long-term basis? The average quarterly welfare loss relative to the efficient allocation (expressed as the equivalent permanent consumption decline as a percentage of steady-state consumption) decreases from 1.78 percent to 1.35 percent. Your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) likely has the method of recalling employees to work. An employee who requests leave to care for his or her child based on the closure of a summer camp, summer enrichment program, or other summer program is subject to the same requirements described above and should provide the name of the specific summer camp or program that would have been the place of care for the child had it not closed. For example, if an seniority or job classification would have resulted in a layoff during the period of service, and that layoff continued after the date of reemployment, then “reemployment” would conceivably result in layoff status. The Government aims to get ahead of the roll growth curve in New Zealand schools, says Education Minister Chris Hipkins. Within the FFCRA, for example, EPSL is in addition to paid sick leave requirements enacted at the state or local level. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (May 19, 2020)We applied for and received a PPP loan, but are having second thoughts about using it. The determination regarding which entity must record the injuries and illnesses must be based on the facts concerning day-to-day supervision at the worksite. The model makes use of a few key concepts. Some employees may have a real preference for working from home, but you can refuse remote work so long as the employee is not seeking a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To complete Section 3 for rehires, you must confirm that the original Form I-9 relates to your employee, and review the original Form I-9 to determine if your employee is still authorized to work, including whether employment authorization documentation presented in Section 2 (List A or List C) has since expired (or have been auto-extended). Additionally, certain return-to-work policies may not be suitable for, or permitted to be implemented toward minor employees. These deadlines can be extended for upwards of two years to accommodate any period in which the service member was hospitalized for or convalescing from an injury or illness that occurred or was aggravated during military service. Additionally, some states have Medical Information breach notification statutes that apply their own requirements. Key points will include date(s) to reopen/scale up operations, proactive measures to ensure a safe workplace, new protocols, pre-screening, etc. Further information can be found at OSHA’s website, which provides additional guidance for healthcare employees (including recommendations on gowns, gloves, approved N95 respirators, and eye/face protection). UPDATED ANSWER (May 19, 2020)What is included in “rent”? Suppose that firms are able to more rapidly adjust their prices in response to current and expected future demand conditions, i.e., prices are less sticky than in the baseline setting of the model.
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