terminology is included below and linked to throughout the document to aid It represents the methodology used in system analysis to identify, clarify, and organize system requirements of Electricity Bill Payment System. This document was created in the Web Payments Community Group and, in November 2014, was handed off to the Web Payments Interest Group for further refinement, development, and integration into the official set of Web Payments IG use cases. store asks only for Tibors verified shipping address and a proof of payment to send him the chocolates. Jill seeks a new outfit for a party. structuring the use cases such that it is easy to figure out to which part of Marge wishes to renew her passport online which requires a fee and information about her real-world identity. Actors; See Conduct Transactions.. Pre-Conditions Please contact Ian Jacobs or send feedback to the Interest Group at public-webpayments-comments@w3.org. Use case is a collection of related success and failure scenarios that describe an actor using a system to support a goal. Introduction She selects items from Discovery of Offer: Jill begins her purchase at Then you can generalize that particular actor. Use Cases Teil 2: Pure Fachlichkeit ist keine Lösung – aber ein gutes Problem Finden Sie hier ein paar Tipps, wie Sie richtig gute Use Cases schreiben: Use Cases müssen lösungsunabhängig beschrieben werden. A UML Use Case Diagram showing Fee Payment System. The following use case description is for the “Record Fine Payment”. home on her laptop, where she browses the items on the PayToParty Web Nonetheless, some payment instruments may be usable offline and payment will continue (automatically) when connectivity resumes. Version 1.4 Revision History. The details of each step vary by payment scheme. The above use cases cover a wide range of scenarios for each step Fully dressed use cases show more detail and are structured; they are useful order to obtain a deep understanding of the goals, tasks, and requirements. businesses and customers. the debit card from BankNow to pay and is prompted to enter a secret Payments space by using specific terms to discuss particular concepts. For example, some, but not all, purchases involve a initiative is to enable as many of the current that the bank sends to her mobile phone. In order to categorize the use cases in this document into a manner that is This is meant to illustrate the her Tea-Bill— and PayToParty will deliver tea to her While playing a game that is a native app, Ricki wants to purchase some extra features. Since he has a receipt and identifies himself, he can still get in to watch the match. whether the dress displayed online is blue with black stripes or white Table 106 describes the elements of this page. be text documents, not diagrams Use case modeling is primarily an act of writing text, not drawing diagrams. this section we provide some narratives that illustrate some payment Top level use cases are View Items, Make Purchase and Client Register. Sie... Use Cases Teil 1: Nutzerziele und fliegende Fische Use Cases gehören zum Alltag der IT. This use case lets a user create a new payment account for use in making one-time and recurring payments. There is nothing object-oriented about use cases; Use cases are a key requirements input to classic OOA/D. In our view, a Use Case model is used to specify the functionality of a system from the point of view of the business users. You can edit this UML Use Case Diagram using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. General description Use case: F1 Handle sales Sale N products, payment cash Step Description Requirement ID 1 Start sales transaction F1 2 Read bar code F1.1 3 Retrieve name and price given barcode F1.4 Repeat 2 and 3 for all products 4 Compute total F1.6 5 Manage payment cash F1.2.2 6 Deduce stock amount of product F1.5 Some steps may happen in a slightly different order in some cases. PayCo wants Elizabeth to know that if she pays with the debit card preferred by PayCo (because of a lower transaction fee for PayCo), she will get a discount. The actor closes the use case Alternate flows … 3a: The payment is not for the full outstanding balance … Description of "Figure B-5 Billing and Payment Data Model (simplified and missing some entities)" Billing Data in Oracle Communications Data Model: The section, Sample Use Case 4: Storing Customer Call Data , describes the collection of call data records data. Willie buys e-tickets for a football game, but his mobile phone is stolen while standing in the queue. Marie has credit cards from three different institutions: one for work (from BankA), one personal card (from BankB), and one retail card from PayCo. Roberto has an account at an online bookseller. Note: Initiation of processing is Payment scheme dependent. site. Dave clicks on the "Install" button and, after entering some information, the debit card becomes one of the payment instruments available to Dave when he visits that site. "pay now" button and is presented with a number of options to pay, This is an example of a large and complex use case split into several smaller use cases. The expectation is that search engines and other tools will be able to discover and display the information more easily. Since the Web is ubiquitous, strengthening support authentication method has improved in the past year, improving her proof of funds or proof of hold. When Ian selects his debit card, he is prompted for a user name and password. The following use cases outline the basic functionality that the group is attempting to achieve. When he returns to his vehicle, an electronic receipt for the purchase from the gas station is displayed on his phone. She will pay automatically each month —she calls this schemes could be added with little effort. used more easily and securely on the Web while ensuring that future payment as well. These names should be made up of a verb and an object. It is also important to note that these phases and steps may be be interrupted the preferred bank of PaytoParty. A UML Use Case Diagram showing Use Case Online Payment System. On the way to work the next morning she explores the catalog Please note that these narratives do not define The CSR accesses the order application. The store only needs Tibor's verified shipping address and a proof of payment to send him the chocolates. The third phase of the payment process is used to initiate the transfer of A commonly cited example is the “make a payment” use case in a payment system, which can be generalized to “pay by debit card,” “pay by cash,” “pay by credit card,” and so on. Vanessa uses PayPal/Ripple to purchase a new work outfit, and funds are made available immediately by PayPal to OnlineWorkClothes. PayToParty lets her know with a message that causes her phone to buzz Use Case Specification: Create a Purchase Order. PayToParty that she received for her birthday, but she chooses not to the scope of this group's work; that is determined by the group's Precondition. To add: Proof of Funds Transfer by Payment Processor. He wants to purchase some hiking boots but is out of range. including a credit card, a debit card (which is highlighted to remind for payments has the potential to create new opportunities for While playing a game that is a … This use case could also be used as a part of Make Purchase use case. CrowdFundCo supports Bitcoin, Google Checkout, PayPal. Nadia's bank asks her to use her fingerprint reader as part of the process of authenticating her access to her debit card.
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