In1933, between Umeda and Shinsaibashi stations, the first line of Osaka Municipal Subway, Midōsuji Line was started operation. In addition, the system also includes an automated people mover which covers another 10 stations. It is shown as a brown colored line on the map, indicated by the letter K. The length of the track is only 8.1 km but there are 10 stations on the line. Initially, revenue service began between Higashi-Umeda and Tanimachi Yonchōme. Politica de privacidad|Privacy|Confidencialité  ||  Cookies  ||  **Credits, Politica de privacidad|Privacy|Confidencialité. From this line, one can transfer to Nankai Railway, Hanshin Railway and JR West and of course, to other lines of Osaka Subway system. Known as Osaka City Rapid Railway Line No. Saved from The festival is followed with different religious events. 704/366-0388, HOURS: Mon.-Sat. This is an east-west line running underground, following the route of Chūō Avenue. It is also called Osaka City Rapid Railway Line No. All the stations on this line have platform screen doors. Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line, between Kyōbashi and Tsurumi-ryokuchi was opened in 1990. On the subway map, it appears royal purple in color and is marked with Letter T. The line is 28.1 km long and covers 26 stations. A complete travel on this line takes around 40 minutes time. Plenty of aged trees, well …, A speciality of the Ippudo restaurant is considered to be a sort of noodle named soba. On the Subway map, it appears golden in color and is marked with the letter I. An adult’s fare for single journey ranges between 180 Yen to 370 Yen. Known as Osaka City Rapid Railway Line No. Popcult, design and cool stuff to buy. To complete a travel on this line, you’ll need around 32 minutes. After leaving the Awaza Station up to Ōsakakō Station, the stations are elevated. In this article we will give clear directions to Umeda’s satellite stations, and list their train lines with the key destinations they serve. Fun things to do in the big city. Osaka Metro is a rapid transit system in Osaka, Japan. Get the Japan railways map, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto metro and local maps, and find the shinkansen and train lines you can take with the Japan Rail Pass. New York City map; … A site where you can download major stations and sightseeing spots. Currently, 6 car trains run on this line. Universal Studios Japan .. If you are not sure about the fare, transfer or any other travel related matters, don’t hesitate to contact the service manager present on the station. It is the first linear motor metro line in Japan. This is the most current update which includes station numbers and Japanese kanji. Osaka Municipal Subway Map. The track for Sakaisuji Line, from Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme to Tengachaya was fully opened in 1993. OSAKA Metropolitan Area Railway Map Subway, JR Osaka Loop Line, JR Lines, Private Local Railways, Tramway Maybe You Like Them Too. World > Asia > NE Asia > Japan > Kansai Region > Osaka > Osaka Metro Map [See Full Map] This Map is linked to Google Maps Clicked on rail stations to view Google vicinity maps. It takes around 50 minutes to complete a travel along this line. Midōsuji Line is also called Osaka City Rapid Railway Line No. v2.0. Trains of Osaka Municipal Subway run from 5 AM to 12 AM. Besides the common single journey ticket, multiple types of tickets or cards are available that facilitate travel for locals and visitors. One-day passes are available for unlimited use on the subway, city buses and New Tram every day except on No-My-Car-Days. Most of the line is underground with a small portion near Yaominami Station being elevated. It takes around 27 minutes to complete a travel along the line. Osaka metro uses either third rail system or overhead catenary for electrification. Get the details on fare and ticket from here. It is again a north-south line running parallel to Line 1. 6, this line connects Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme to Tengachaya. This electrified metro system serves Osaka and nearby cities of Kadoma, Higashiosaka, Sakai, Moriguchi, Yao and Suita in Kansai region. Hankyu Osaka-Umeda Station. Following tips may come handy while traveling through Osaka Subway: If you consider that the information we provide is wrong, not accurated, outdated, translation contains errors, and you would like to help us to improve the can contact us here: moc.ortem-apam@ofni. It is also known as Osaka City Rapid Railway Line No. Title: osakametro_rosenzu_20191001 Created Date: 11/5/2019 12:46:06 PM Where In Tokyo. A complete travel on this line takes around 30 minutes. Every day, around 2.29 million commuters travel through this subway system. Each day the park holds bright and impressive parades and marches with fairy creatures engaged. Osaka Map. Osaka's subway lines are the: Chuo Line (color-coded Dark Green), Imazatosuji Line (Orange), Midosuji Line (Red), Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line (Light Green), Sennichimae Line (Pink), Sakaisuji Line (Brown), Tanimachi Line (Purple) and the Yotsubashi Line (Dark Blue). The Bajiriko …, The festival is celebrated according to lunar calendar and after the Gregorian Calendar the dates of the festival fall on the middle of August. Its walls present thousands of exhibits devoted to diverse spheres of life of the indigenous population. Click here to see more information on Osaka Urban Railway Lines and Stations (external link) Embed the most updated version of this map on your site. Some of the stations are elevated; some are underground. Popular maps. Subway (metro) maps and stations - find any station in one click. To travel on the complete route, you need 23 minutes. However, in view of the cost of construction, the government may choose to privatize the system or make it a light rail or bus service.
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