FUJI... your cam is way too overpriced for the APS-C market... but your REAL downfall and death sentance... the ridiculously overpriced and limited lens selection... with NO aftermarket lens options. Detail suffers and noise increases at higher ones. He knows how to shoot? But for me the big plus is IBIS. Have a look at our initial sample gallery taken on a full-frame Sony body. A cool feature is the firmware was updated and time was set via Bluetooth via my iPhone. Slow motion is also available at 1080p, but you need to switch the camera to a High Speed Recording mode to access it. Probably one of the most compelling cameras on the market in the last few years. It has the sensor of the XT-2, which might not be that fast focusing on action but it is a great travel and scenic camera. Can the new X-T4 improve on what was already an outstanding camera? I mean we are on a photography forum... a picture is worth a 1000 words and all that. 35mm systems give you the option to trade up at high cost, APS-C systems give you the option to trade down and save - we already knew that. Just not working for me, Xt3 is a nice enough price for what you get.I think their prices put people off, and they really need to open the mount for third party makers would help no end. Thenolif. I like high-res FF and shoot it w the Q2. I like the IQ but I don’t like using it. White - yeah the prices are 'ambitious'. It shows that some will complain no matter what. The air is getting thin where the XT4 is heading and getting thinner all the time with Canon and Nikon going for inexpensive FF bodies besides Sony.Time will tell whether the XT4 will be a success or not. So it make no sense to buy camera bodies within a year of their introduction. I see no contradiction, it depends what people find more important. I haven't shot my XH-1 in a while but that camera feels good, is rugged, has a wonderful shutter, good IBIS and can be had used for a song. not worth for an aps-c body!! I.e. Don’t want to feed the trolls here, but to make some things clear...Sony has 2 excellent 70-200mm lenses. IBIS costs an arm and leg also so m43 still has its uses. What do you mean with: “ full Raw data for all three shots appears to be retained.” My xt4 in only raw shows 1 raw file, are you suggesting that this raw file is a combined stack with alignment and fully ready to be manipulated. I can't read that anything of this has been seriously factored in here in the assessment.Same on the tracking/AF performance. @mared, Just for you: a6000, a6300, a6400, a7R2, a7R3, a7R4, a9 1st time no grip, a9 2nd time with a grip! Ha,Ha,Ha !cannot focus on face correctly, sony 6600 is miles ahead with real time eye autofocus as well as sticks to the face no matter what ! We've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. With a 1.8x squeeze, the lens produces a more pronounced anamorphic effect than the 1.33x lenses offered by Sirui, albeit at a much higher cost. The FE50F1.8 weighs 186g and costs 329 € NEW. Electric first curtain shutter and Ibis in combination work wonders with adapted 85mm and longer vintage primes (I also use 90mm, 135mm, 200mm). Oh I think it did. It takes over from the X-T3, adding a series of key features that make the X-T4 perhaps the most advanced, most desirable and most powerful APS-C camera on the market right now. The X-T4 splits the difference between the X-T3 and the older X-H1. However, the bullet points on the conclusion under "What we don't" are really a deal breaker for me. It's a great time to pick and choose. It's a very refined and proven design. Image stabilization, a bigger battery and faster continuous shooting, but also a bigger price tag. I have to say that Fujifilm’s flagship camera is an impressive piece of kit. So manufacturer of camera will introduce their camera in a very high price range then within a year this camera will get their intended price. Be Inspired. Photographer and YouTuber Todd Dominey has shared a video that details the history of Kodak Aerochrome film, a film stock he says has 'an origin story unlike any other.'. Eg: the Fujifilm 90mm F2 is equivalent to a 135mm F3 so, even shot wide open, won't project as might light per whole image as the Sony 135mm F1.8 (at F3 or wider), but it's 105, rather than 127mm long and weighs 540g, rather than 950. But hey.… I have spent 35 thousand dollars of my own money on Fuji gear. The main problem with this Fuji is the price. I used the in-camera mic for a quick test of the feature, but influencers will no doubt want to add an external microphone for better audio quality. Maybe I can re assign it. The a6600 uses the same lens mount and accessories as cameras with sensors twice as big, like the a7 III and high-resolution a7R IV, but Fujifilm's X system is purely APS-C. Me too. Has anyone upgraded from XT1 to XT4? There are loads of native lenses available, many with robust weather protection, typically at competitive prices. Fuji is promoting video as differentiator, but whether this pays off we will have to wait and see. Most people do photography for the fun of it; why use equipment that makes it less fun and more laborious? But on price/size performance there might be better options out there. They decided to skip the FF market completely and they are very successful taking the APS-C + mMF route. @LegacyGT, yup, maxxun fan is a troll and definitely not a real photographer. Dual memory card slots support the fastest UHS-II SDXC media. Lastly, when all cameras were set manually to WB, differences were not noticable anymore. And only use the larger stuff for occasional projects. Stick with the standard or digitally assisted mode when you plan on moving the camera, and only turn on its Boost mode for static shots where you want a tripod-like effect. Thanks for the link. That said, if you are happy with what the X-H1 does, and you can still find one, I agree it's a very capable camera. Also the way the battery door opens is a little clunky in design. It's wonderful. I shoot A7R2 and now A7R3 and I think the handling sucks. But if you analyse the price of camerabody within a timeframe you can see that all camera's prices will drop rapidly in one year after introduction. In fact, it's a lot easier to use all day than the D850). Fact is, Fuji is never going to be cutting edge because that is not their thing.They are trying to maintain a more traditional way of taking photos so its to be expected that their AF capabilities are behind everyone else and are less likely to be glorified point and shoot cameras like Sony's offerings. they focused on video quality until they are behind in AF. The camera offers 20fps full-resolution Raw capture using the electronic shutter, and up to 30fps in a cropped mode with 16MP resolution, matching the X-T3's burst rate. Alternative options: 50 F2 (fast, sharp), 90 F2 (fast focus, bitingly sharp wide open), 50-140 F2.8 (also fast focusing, sharp, large weight, somewhat busy bokeh). Itt was not listed on Idealo for example for whatever reasons. The X-T4 is a great hybrid camera for photographers and videographers alike, with … Being able to know ISO and EV before lifting the camera for a shoot is worth its weight in gold. If I want IBIS and phase detect eye tracking focusing, the Oly EM 1 Mk3 is perhaps a better option. But that’s a problem with Fuji lens lineup, many of there fast glass doesn’t focus as well.Fuji needs to throw out more affordable glass like the new 35mm f2 version imho.The Fuji x-t4 is probably the best apsc camera for most people and the best offer for Fuji users. The Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN is for the photographer who wants a focal length that falls squarely between 50mm and 85mm. If you want the most versatile zooms, get three Tamron zooms (17-28, 28-75, 70-180). We would have preferred to see a mini HDMI or full HDMI port, both of which have proven to be more durable than the tiny micro HDMI interface, especially for use with an external recorder. The X-T4 ia available body-only at a price of $1699, which represents a $200 premium over the original list price of the X-T3. I did upgrade from an X-T2 to the X-T4 and IBIS is the primary reason for the decision. at larkhon: I stumbled upon an offer from Foto-Koch for this price. I just couldn’t take it anymore! It adds a flexible spot to the mix, which you'll want to use to identify your subject. Menus are annoying. And that is at COMP view setting! ;-). Coming to you from Dan Watson, this excellent video review takes a look at the Fujifilm X-T4 camera. they get now a better AF and IBIS (until now they had to choose between X-H1 and X-T3). Another Fujifilm camera, the now-discontinued X-H1, was the most recent premium APS-C model to earn our Editors' Choice recommendation, largely due to its ergonomics, image quality, and in-body stabilization system. Fujifilm X-T4 vs X-H1: should you upgrade or hunt for a bargain? You can look at the Q screen as an extension of the physical controls. The camera is also a little bit heavier than the 1.2-pound X-T3, coming in at 1.3 pounds when loaded with a battery and memory card. X-T4 has a rock solid feel like its predecessors X-T3, 2 and 1. All content, design, and layout are Copyright © 1998 - 2020 Digital Photography Review All Rights Reserved. The autofocus on the A7Riv is in a different league than the Fufi, but the Fuji is the one that gets used the most. Oh, and it's a lot of fun too. In addition to earning our Editors' Choice award, it's also worthy of a full five-star rating. Fujifilm X-T4 Review Dustin Abbott July 28th, 2020. Some suggest that only the 1st raw is recorded. There are similar good deals like a X-T30 + 15-45mm at 400€-ish (one store only in Switzerland, don't know how they do it...). It remains strange, but the results are consistent for the different ISOs. Be Inspired. What does two years of progress look like, for Fujifilm's most video-centric models? If you're happy with the APS-C sensor format, know that Fujifilm's system is very strong. I noticed that you only do that with the Sony cameras. I do like some things about them, not the Xtrans tho wish they would get rid of that array. A Review of The Fuji X-T4 Comparing the Fujifilm X-T4 to the X-T3 and X-H1. It does not encourage non Fuji photographers to go for it. One wonders why Adobe do not fix this anomaly. The Canon EOS Rebel T8i (also known as the EOS 850D or Kiss X10i in some markets) is a 24MP DSLR aimed at first-time DSLR buyers and enthusiasts.
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