I never imagined I would fly to Iran for a conference in 1993, return 17 times and counting, live with Iranian families, teach at Tehran University, co-direct Iran’s first center for social psychology research at Shahid Beheshti University, and start a web site about psychology in Iran with funding from the Association for Psychological Science. H Index. Editors: Dr Sharo Shafaie and Dr Deborah G. Wooldridge. ISSN: 2187-0675 Contact: ijpbs@iafor.org The IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences is an internationally reviewed and editorially independent interdisciplinary journal associated with IAFOR’s international conferences on psychology and the behavioral sciences. JPBS offers undergraduate students, as well as graduate students and faculty, an opportunity to publish in a recognized academic journal. PBSIJ main aim is to publish quality articles related to mind, behavioral changes, mental functions, social behavior, while also exploring the physiological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors around the globe. The Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences (JPBS) is a peer-reviewed undergraduate research periodical published by the School of Psychology and Counseling of Fairleigh Dickinson University at the Florham Campus. ‪Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences.‬ - ‪Cited by 4,733‬ - ‪Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences‬ Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (PBS) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original articles, critical reviews, research notes and short communications in the areas of psychology and behavioral sciences. Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Special Issue Special issue is an effective way for researchers to focus on a hot topic for an in-depth study. Health Psychology; Marriage & Family Therapy; Psychiatry; The International Journal of Behavioral Sciences is an official Journal of the Behavioral Sciences Research Center, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran and is adhering to ICMJE and COPE recommendation. The Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences (IJMS) is an international peer-reviewed bimonthly biomedical publication, the aim of which is to provide a scientific medium of communication for researchers throughout the globe. "Journal of Psychosocial and Behavioral Health" began its publications since January 2020. Like all IAFOR publications, it is freely … The Journal Of New Advances In Behavioral Sciences is sponsored by CIVILICA, and articles from each issue are indexed and published in the CIVILICA database. Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal s an Open Access, peer reviewed, multidisciplinary international journal of Juniper publisher. The articles of this magazine are analyzed in the UNIREF - ranking system of Iranian universities and research institutes. It was not the career trajectory I planned. Iranian Journal of Positive Psychology provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for the science and application of positive psychology. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. The Journal is devoted to basic research and professional application on states of optimal human functioning and fulfillment, and the facilitation and promotion of well-being. "Journal of Psychosocial and Behavioral Health" is a scientific and peer-reviewed quarterly journal, affiliated to the "Department of Clinical Psychology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran". In this journal, we publish articles in almost all psychological and behavioral fields. If you have a great topic or idea, you can propose a special issue and you will have the opportunity to be the Lead Guest Editor of the special issue. ... Iran - SIR Ranking of Iran: 13. The Standard Abbreviation (ISO4) of Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is “Iran J Psychiatry Behav Sci”.ISO 4 (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles.
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