i examined her, no bites, nothing. Typically, leaving no bones behind. Of course, this can pose a serious problem for their health, becoming one of the most common home items that can kill a cat. About 3 weeks ago our cat, which she wasn't even 3 years old, went missing for a couple nights and that wasn't like her. Lions tend to not leave their food out under open sky. The most common kill style is a bite to the throat. We started our search on Monday with the help of friends, our son and our neighbor. While I was out (for about 30 minutes), she broke through the barriers I set up to the main part of the house where my cat stays and killed my cat. He had a large round hole in his stomach. To make a long story short, he was let outside and found the next day, disemboweled with no blood. There was no blood, anywhere. Two weeks ago I noticed her in my neighbor's backyard. There was no doubt the raccoon was the culprit. Thinking of spraying diesel fuel around the woods behind my house, hoping that smell will keep a wild animal away. Simply click here to return to Cat Questions. My indoor cat was accidently left out last night and this afternoon when I was looking for him I found him dead outside with half his stomach missing. A raccoon killing chickens may carry away the entire bird, in which case you may find the carcass in the proximity of the coop, the insides eaten and feathers scattered around. A veterinarian or an expert who deals with wildlife would be able to tell if this was done by a wild animal. Join in and write your own page! Call the police? Im afraid because I mean, it happened in my own house!!! Insides gone. I felt bad because he was my friend i know that sounds crazy. …covered with leaves, sticks, grass. Sometimes, they may also be bringing you a gift so you are able to eat the good raw meat like they do. Another disappeared last night. Scorpions by Carl How can we tell what happened to him? Now my one cat who is just over 1 is a deterrent, I took a pair of bonded year old cats to the shelter and they were adopted separately. Three weeks, no cat.Then this morning, on the cement patio right outside our back door... where we go out on several times a day... there he was. It's easy to do. Still hold hope it wasnt him but if so he deserved so much better. It’s fair, though, because my cat … You did it quick and humanely. I have two cats who tend to remain on the upstairs levels of our house. Still, you will usually see no other signs of disturbance. I think it is possible she may have been in a fight with another animal maybe another cat or a fox. Sounded like the cat way killed fast because the way the scream sounded. I have tried to be friends. It's easy to do. There were no other signs that he had been bitten, broken, anything... just his abdominal contents removed.Can't understand how he would have come home, AFTER THREE WEEKS, and been killed by a wild animal on our steps. Then we need help in trying to decide what to do.Cat was large 8 month old male, NEUTERED, house cat. Would think you would be aware of people who dislike cats in your neighborhood, this leads me to believe that it was a wild animal perhaps a rabbit that is third offense using their hind legs to fight off a predator I became aware of how vicious a cute little bunny could be when I lived in an area that was loaded with them. She was stretched out and from the rectum to the back feet were flat as if it were pressed, there were no broken bones or missing limbs and her head had no marks it looks like she was gutted. He was not decomposed. www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/livestock/sheep/facts/coydog2.htm As far as cats being found with their guts missing, kind of sounds like something a bird/owl would do. It hasn’t worked out. An exception may be if the deer was killed in a fence enclosure, and then the lion is likely to have dried dragging it past the fence. Join in and write your own page! I am devastated. But it felt wrong. The other cat was left fine but we removed her from upstairs. I'm very sorry for your loss. So around thanksgiving she no longer wanted him in the house. As far as cats being killed by wild animals, this does happen, probably more than you think. I've dried my tears, but still miss my Pretty Kitty. We live in a rural area and I found her dead in our backyard. Examples of Aerial Predators Hawk, Owl, Eagle, and Crow (usually only go after chicks or small breeds). Please don’t tell me you ... And spare me the argument that Goldie was a member of the family and nothing could justify my actions. The neighbour who called had wrapped her in a towel and bin bag already. I don't believe that. I thought it may have been my dogs but there would've been blood on my dogs andthere wasn't. The feeling is mutual and we’re both OK with it. I was awaken around 4am by a cat scream 2 weeks ago. Outdoor cats are cats that are … I did examine her. Where I found her is not where she goes as a rule. If anyone has any thoughts please feel free to respond. My wife witnessed a raccoon kill and eat about an 8 week old kitten. I was not able to find the rest of her. No blood, just guts hanging out... dead. They only fell out after I lifted her to wrap her in a towel Her front right leg was extended and her claws were missing from her paw. He hated being inside. Saw a pack of big raccoons on my trail cam. For medical advice about your cat, please see your veterinarian. My 4-year-old indoor cat got out 4 weeks ago after a fire at my house. I would suggest that anyone living near the woods get a very large dog or dogs (friendly with cats) if they are letting their cats out. Saw nothing when I went outside. The next morning I went to look for her and found her laying in the grass she looked like she was sleeping. I have never harmed this cat. A coyote uses a quick bite, shake, and release kill method which rattles the internal organs and forces the animal to collapse (even if the neck has… I thought it may have been one of my brothers friends or maybe even paranormal. He was the neighborhood cat. The truth is, you may not find much evidence with a coyote kill. However, if they attack a chick or a full grown bird they usually leave feathers or wings behind because they can’t get these parts down their throats. A couple of us wanted to adopt him but he had fleas my wife had bad swolleness by the bite marks. My cat Benji hates the vet through a very bad experience when he was a kitty he is 6 years old now and when recently he had to have a blood test done , I placed him in another cage so they were able to inject the sedative straight away and when he came … I have a similar story. Looked like he was sleeping. He never went farther than the next door neighbor's homes on either side of us. We had a very unfortunate experience this weekend while sitting a dog who has come to our house many times in the past. Then there was cyber bulling that was hateful after that, and before the cat/kitten went missing. However, if one can catch a small animal, like a mouse or kitten, it will kill and devour it. She had been cut from the bottom of her chin all the way to her anus with Precision like a fillet knife. (no luck with animal control - he does not return calls). Stayed close and hung out with our neighbor's cat. Again no blood anywhere. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. Find out what killed your chicken(s). It looked as if someone had sliced her rear legs, tail, and bottom off. What could have done this? My husband hates cats, and I'm not even a cat person myself, but we both agreed, this was legitimately the coolest, sweetest, funniest and most awesome of cats. It wasn’t a big deal. Being “put to sleep” is no more humane and, in my view, probably less humane than a quick unexpected blast from a shotgun. She said it could have been a weazel or a raccoon and thought it wasn't freshly killed. Saw no blood. I don't know what to do. Just dead. He would ask to go out about 3 times a day and would come back in after about an hour. This week, VPI Pet Insurance released the results of a survey in which they analyzed bite wounds from attacks and determined the top ten animals that attack house pets. I don't know the answer, but I'm thinking a wildlife expert would be the best person to ask. The only study that looked at seasonal attacks of coyotes on cats found that the pup rearing season (May-August) was by far the worst because this is when the coyotes are trying to support themselves and the pups. But I’m back, and in this episode we’ll talk about 5 common chicken predators, these are the ones I personally have the most experience with, how to identify which of these predators killed your hens based on some tell-tale signs, and what you can do to prevent them from killing your even more of your chicken flock. My mom found her dead the other day and told me when I got home from school. She had a wound on her neck and on her side and the first assumption was that the foxes got her. I finally asked my neighbor if I could try to catch her in her yard. Here are some signs that you can use to tell the differences. The shelter said they had them in separate cages once they were, Home | About | Contact | Disclaimer & Disclosure | Privacy Policy | Cat Websites. Join in and write your own page! Join in and write your own page! Overall Appearance. The cat ran off and hid under their house and I had the lady come look at what I believe that cat had done. I would assume it was a wild animal as well. All her entrails were intact no wounds, just very small amount of blood around her anus. Examples of land predators: Fox, Raccoon, Sasquatch, Opossum, Skunk, Rat, Feral Pig, Max the Dog, Other people, BAHFEEMUS, Bear, Coyote, Snake, Bobcat, Oliver the cat, Weasel, Wolf, Tiger, and pretty much everybody and their brother. Looked all over our yard, under bushes everywhere. So sad. Fair enough. The shelter said they had them in separate cages once they were, Home | About | Contact | Disclaimer & Disclosure | Privacy Policy | Cat Websites. Im 28 now. Theres a slim chance it could have been a different but im not going for a secomd look.Sorry for any typos. More and more, every time I hear about something like this, I think it's bad people. Entrails stretch straight out for 10 ft long. It happened late at night, early morning... there was no blood on her fur or on the ground.Editor's note: I'm very sorry for your loss, Carl. We have a wildlife commission in my state, and they should be able to get an expert who can tell. It was not there after I found the blood spots 4 days prior. The content on cat-lovers-only.com is for education and information only. But lately I have been trying to think of the best way to kill my cat, if I was to kill my cat. Now my one cat who is just over 1 is a deterrent, I took a pair of bonded year old cats to the shelter and they were adopted separately. Gus was 34 lbs, fast and could climb tall trees. Some people are so sick. But when I just got on the computer, I saw that Mama had forgotten to clear the search history on Google. Simply click here to return to. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter.
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