Keep in mind that this means your fountain should be at least 10 feet by 10 feet, and probably much larger if you want to use this fountain. In addition to a traditional fountain spray, you can simply create a small waterfall that doesn’t distract from the rest of your yard. or Best Offer. This fountain is semi-floating, meaning it can either rest on the bottom or float depending on the depth of your pond. The fountain makes it easy to put on a show in your yard every evening, and the floating design ensures that this pump is simple to maintain and relatively free of clogs. But, that’s fairly easy and inexpensive to do. Includes: 48 color changing LED lights - Red, White & Blue Color Changing 1/2 HP Floating Fountain Eco Line with LED Lights $ 1,495.00 Was $ 1,695.00 Add to cart; 1 HP Floating Pond Fountain Eco Line with LED Lights $ 2,195.00 – $ 2,395.00 Select options; 1 HP Floating Pond Fountain Eco Line $ 1,695.00 – $ 1,795.00 Select options You want all of the water circulating through the fountain to return to your pond, not to be splashed into the grass and trees beside your pond. A pond needs to be deep enough that your fountain’s pump can be completely submerged – that’s really the only requirement. The pump doesn’t have backup electricity, so it won’t run at night and may run sluggishly on cloudy days. The 4 LED lights will provide a brighter display. Another extra feature that’s worth looking for, especially if you have fish living in your pond, is a UV clarifier. More features: float, 48 LED lights, 30’ cords. What really sets this fountain apart from the rest of the pack for users is that it looks good. Finally, pull the electrical cord back out of the pond with you. Life long free technical support (response within 24 hours) Kasco Marine JFL Series Decorative LED Lighted Fountains give you the versatility, performance, and reliability you need. The weight of your pond fountain isn’t a huge concern since most fountains weigh less than 10-15 pounds, but it is worth considering. 6 Best Pond Heaters – Cold Is Not A Problem Any Longer. 2004 - 2020 All rights reserved. Half Off Ponds Floating Fountains Light Kits are awesome additions to our fountains. Keep in mind, too, that you only have a 16-foot cord to connect the pump to the solar panel – so you panel needs to be located in a sunny spot within 16 feet of the center of your pond. A clarifier helps to kill harmful bacteria and algae by zapping them with UV as water passes through your fountain. For fish, that means they can breathe more easily and live in less stressful conditions. Livens up your ordinary pond, a definite conversational piece to make any home event a success! Included with the fountain, you get a 100-foot underwater power cable and 50 feet of mooring rope. Installing a pond fountain isn’t overly difficult. You can find some pond fountains that include metal components, like the Fawn Lake Fountains unit. $238.00. 11" (float diameter) 1/2 HP Floating Pond Fountain Eco Line $ 995.00 Add to cart; Sale! WHY THEME-PARK MUST HAVE HUGE COLORFUL FOUNTAINS? Floating water fountain for large pond or lake, large flow pump(Max.14500gph) shooting up to 12' high, variable pump speed with remote control, 3 water spraying patterns, high power LED lighted, 100'(30meters) power cord for both pump and light. Better yet, plastic is entirely safe for fish and most plastics used in pond fountains is designed not to leach chemicals into your water. Most pond owners don’t want to spend their days skimming scum by hand, so they turn to a pond fountain instead. Extra features can help you match your pond fountain’s display to your style and ensure that it’s easy to use in your pond. Flow rates can vary a lot – from less than 400 gph for the Eco-Worthy solar fountain to 10,000 gph for the Fawn Lake Fountains model. In addition to being inexpensive and very pretty, this fountain is also quiet. Mokia Solar Floating Pond Light, Waterproof LED Color Changing Solar Garden Pool Light Pool Light Hanging Ball Light for Garden Yard Swimming Pool Fountain Fish Tank 4.2 out of 5 stars 4 £9.99 £ 9 . This eco-friendly unit can be quickly and easily installed in ponds or lakes with a minimum depth of 2.5 ft. With these constraints in mind, though, users were pretty happy with this fountain. The fountain comes with a one-year warranty and users found that Alpine’s customer service team is extremely helpful. Watch. This fountain from Lawn Lake Fountains is for the big ponds out there. It’s unclear what about the pump or housing is bad for fish, but if you have koi or other fish you’ll probably want to avoid this fountain. Keep the lights on and your costs down with new LED energy efficient pond lights. You’ll find this feature on the Ocean Mist fountain, which earned it our pick for use in koi ponds. The kits have everything you need to get your lighting up and running. The Alpine FTC102 fountain was our overall favorite and the best pond fountain thanks to its excellent design, simple operation, and beautiful LED lighting. First, the fountain unit itself shouldn’t be so large that it takes up half the space of your pond. Easily and securely position the floating fountain in your pond using the anchor ring. Once the fountain is in place, make sure it’s weight down. The number one reason to use a pond fountain is to avoid the growth of algae. By launching water into the air, water particles are instantly mixed with oxygen and help return it to the pond from the air. It creates a very different aesthetic than the other fountains we looked at – it’s much more zen and would be as at home in a Japanese garden as in your backyard pond. Beautiful LED Lighting Effects. It comes with multi-colored LED lights that shine at night. Industry best 3 yr fountain WARRANTY. More features: Handcrafted, noise-absorbent. Very nice LED pond light kit. The 10,000-gph flow rate means this fountain is designed for ponds that are up to an acre in size and relatively deep. Apart from being our main writer, Nora also works for a number of gardening-related sites and magazines, sharing her experience as an owner of a small farm in North Carolina. Or we can meet at international exhibitions, such as IAAPA. Finally, we considered extra features like LED lights and multiple spray patterns. Most of the time, you won’t want to simply place your pond fountain on the bottom of your pond. There’s simply no time for algae to grow before it gets sucked into the fountain and shredded up as it’s shot into the air. Our Floating Pond Fountains are built with heavy-duty pumps for dirty water pond conditions. They noted that it doesn’t sit well on the bottom of the pond unless it’s very securely anchored down. If you want a fountain primarily for decoration, there are also some other materials available. While the spray may be the part of a pond fountain that you can actually see above water, there’s a lot more to choosing the right pond fountain for your needs that that. A pond fountain not only adds to the serenity of your pond, but it also aerates the water so that algae can’t built up and your fish can breathe easier. All of the fountains we reviewed except the Bamboo Accents fountain have extendable heads that work for ponds six feet deep or deeper. When you buy a pond fountain, you’re planning to put a mechanical pump underwater. More features: 9 Watt UV Clarifier, Zeolite Crystals, built in Diverter Valve, 3 different spray patterns. No wonder our expert knows for sure how to turn a piece of ground into a fertile site able to give birth to practically any plant you have in mind. At we carry a large variety of underwater pond lights from manufacturers like Alpine, Aquascape, Atlantic Water Gardens, Oase, Savio and many more. You’ll definitely need to install a mesh bag around the pump intake to prevent debris and sediment from getting in. If you want to clean up your pond without adding to your electrical bill, this solar powered pond fountain from Eco-Worthy is for you. Alpine includes a floating board and an anchor kit with this fountain, so users found that installation is extremely easy. Your email address will not be published. Overall, this fountain is a great choice if you can make it work with your pond design. TotalPond’s 400 GPH Floating Fountain with White LED Lights is a 3-in-1 pond system that pumps, aerates, and illuminates your pond. Light up your outdoor water feature for stunning evening views with an LED lighting package, including light-sensitive photo eye that turns your lights on adt dusk and a timer that allows you to set it to turn off after 4, 6, or 8 hours.
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