has been reported as emerging weed in wheat and other cereals grown in Australia (Llewellyn et al., 2016). II. 27 (4), 229-236. Freshly matured seeds from G’4-3 Arabidopsis thaliana plants grown with 3 and 10 mm nitrate germinated to about 38 and 80%, respectively (Alboresi et al., 2005). Dalmau L, Plana E, Verdu A M, 1993. 53 (10), 92. Dose rate reduction in post-emergence weed control in sugarbeet: experimental results and technical considerations. 23rd Swedish Weed Conference, Uppsala, 1982 Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet Uppsala Sweden, 2:370-384. Nielsen HJ; Pinnerup SP, 1982. A variety of fertilizer treatments has caused changes in germination characteristics of seeds with physiological dormancy; the most common response is a change in germination percentage. Proceedings of the Brighton Crop Protection Conference, Weeds, 1:83-86. Valkova O, 1975. The list of references resulting from this survey is shown in Table 1. A considerable number of selective herbicides sprayed alone, in mixtures either pre- or post-emergence have been used to control F. convolvulus: aclonifen, atrazine, aziprotryne, benfluralin, benazolin, bentazone, bifenox, bromoxynil, chloramben, chlorbromuron, chloridazon, chlorsulfuron, chlorthal-dimethyl, clopyralid, cyanazine, cycloate, 2,4-D, desmedipham, dicamba, dichlorprop, dinitramine, diphenamid, ethalfluralin, ethofumesate, fluorochloridone, fluroxypyr, glufosinate-ammonium, haloxyfop, ioxynil, isopropalin, linuron, lenacil, MCPA, MCPB, mecoprop, metamitron, metolachlor, metobromuron, metsulfuron, metribuzin, napropamide, oryzalin, oxadiazon, oxyfluorfen, pendimethalin, phenmedipham, picloram, prometryn, propachlor, propyzamide, pyridate, sethoxydim, thifensulfuron, triasulfuron, tribenuron, trifluralin and triflusulfuron (Haas and Streibig 1982; Anderson et al., 1996; Fain, 1986; Nohl-Weiler and Hindersmann, 1986; Pimpini et al., 1986; Shalna and Melamed, 1986; Drazic et al., 1987; Kapros et al., 1988; Prochazka et al., 1988; Klingaman and Peeper, 1989; Milusher et al., 1989; Rapparini et al., 1989; Arends and Pegg, 1990; Lalova and Bogdanovske, 1990; Labza et al., 1990; Drazic and Glusac, 1991; Sysmans et al., 1991; Muller, 1992; Gvozdenovic-Varga et al., 1992; Meinlschmidt and Karch, 1992; Hallgren, 1993; Mitchell and Abernethy, 1993; Andersson, 1994; Rapparini, 1995, 1996; Bouma et al., 1996; Fields et al., 1996; Campagna and Rapparini, 1997; Toth and Peter, 1997). After 17 yr of continuous alfalfa cover or chemical fallow, 15 and 25%, respectively, of the original Abutilon theophrasti seeds in the soil were viable (Lueschen et al., 1993). Phytocoenologia. New York, USA: John Wiley and Sons, 57-79. Weed Science, 33(1):34-43; 6 ref. Summa Phytopathologica, 8(1/2):134-140. Group B/2 herbicides are known as ALS inhibitors (Inhibition of acetolactate synthase ALS (acetohydroxyacid synthase AHAS)). Pimpini F; Berti A; Zanin G, 1986. In addition, high weed densities can raise the moisture content of harvested grain (Neururer, 1961) and contribute to heating in storage when harvested with cereals as a seed contaminant (Holm et al., 1991). Effects of Soil Copper on Black Bindweed ( Fallopia convolvulus ) in the Laboratory and in the Field July 1998 Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 35(1):14-19 Additions of individual elements to the soil in which plants are growing can have effects on germination of the progeny. Effects of MCPA and tribenuron-methyl on seed production and seed size of annual weeds. Fuchs H; Voit B, 1992. Two further Fallopia species which could be confused with F. convolvulus in Canada (Hume et al. The fungi of weed seeds. Zwerger P, 1987. Many weeds are known to be suitable hosts, including Canada thistle, Cirsium arvense; dock, Rumex sp. Systematic significance of fruit morphology and anatomy in tribes Persicarieae and Polygoneae (Polygonaceae). Seeds from plants of Cenchrus ciliaris grown without added nutrients afterripened faster than those from plants watered with a balanced nutrient solution (Sharif-Zadeh and Murdoch, 2000). Wylie (1984) observed parasitism of hop flea beetles by Microctonus punctulatae Loan and Wylie and Townesilitus psylliodis Loan (both Hymenoptera: Braconidae); the latter seems to attack only hop flea beetle. Herbicide application depending on the intensity of weed occurrence in wheat. Revista de la Facultad de Agronomi^acute~a (La Plata), 71(1):7-14; 21 ref. According to Hanf (1982), it is one of the most frequent weeds on soils with a low pH. Seeds of the nonnative Rumex obtusifolius were the most common (1/3 of the seeds) followed by the natives Juncus effusus var. The weediness of cereals. (Eficacitatea unor tratemente cu diverse erbicide în combaterea buruienilor mono s˜i dicotiledonate din cultura inului pentru ulei.). Proceedings of the 9th Australian Weeds Conference, 60-64. Seeds from Veronica persica and Poa annua plants grown in the presence of the earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa germinated to significantly higher percentages than those from control plants not growing in the presence of earthworms. Sirbu and Slonovschi (1989) found that nutrient reserves of F. convolvulus seeds increased with increasing phosphate fertilization. Dessaint F; Chadoeuf R; Barralis G, 1991. Factors influencing efficacy of low rates of glyphosate plus dicamba in reduced tillage systems. These species constitute the most important weed species in the majority of field, vegetable and plantation crops and are those that remain the most difficult to manage, in spite of advances in crop technology in the latter half of the twentieth century. Catullo JC; Rodriguez ML; Sosa CA; Colombo I, 1983. Canadian Journal of Genetic Cytology, 2:150-161. Weed Technology. In: Technical Report, Agricultural Research Council, Weed Research Organization, 26 pp. Nitrogen cycling in forest and grass ecosystems irrigated with N-enriched wastewater. PSP Pflanzenschutz Praxis, 1:24-26. Later, one of the nutshells was dated as 620 yr old, indicating that the Canna seeds were older than previously thought (Lerman and Cigliano, 1971). Nohl-Weiler C; Hindersmann U, 1986. by Orchard A E]. http://www.fao.org/agriculture/crops/thematic-sitemap/theme/biodiversity/weeds/listweeds/pol-con/en/. (1967) reasoned that since the lemming probably disappeared from the area about 10,000 yr ago, when postglacial warming began, the seeds were at least 10,000 yr old. In China, F. convolvulus is found in thickets in valleys and along stream banks, at 100-3600 m (Flora of China Editorial Committee, 2015). On the other hand, application of molybdenum to soil where plants of T. aestivum were growing reduced preharvest sprouting, but if phosphorus was applied along with molybdenum there was an increase in germination percentage (Modi, 2002). Zashchita Rastenii, 1:27-28. Gooch S, 1963. Gill K S, Arshad M A, 1995. Due to the variable regulations around (de)registration of pesticides, your national list of registered pesticides or relevant authority should be consulted to determine which products are legally allowed for use in your country when considering chemical control. 39 (2), 537-553. Weed Science. Muller K, 1992. Lalova M; Bogdanovske V, 1990. The pupa greatly resembles the adult beetle in form. ; lambsquarters, Chenopodium album; nettle, Urtica sp. Tóth E, Péter I, 1997. Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej w Szczecinie, Rolnictwo, No.37:71-86. Sequence of weed emergence. Neururer H, 1990. Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych. An asymptotic response of crop yield to weed density. 2: 277, 557. Campagna G, Rapparini G, 1997. Fallopia convolvulus 2018 Fallopia convolvulus 2019 GDD 1418 1555 1708 1816 1937 2056 Figure 3. However, wood from an old boat found at the same level in the peat deposit was dated at 3052 and 3277 yr old (Libby, 1955). 1970. DOI:10.1111/j.1744-7348.1997.tb06830.x. The occurrence of weed seeds in samples tested by the Official Seed Testing Station 1960-1961. It is one of the most important weeds of cereals in Argentina, Canada, Kenya, South Africa and the USA; maize in the former Soviet Union; and sugarbeet in Spain. Aphelenchoides fragariae (Ritzema Bos, 1891) Christie, 1932 in Lilium regale Wils,. The general importance of this weed is due to its ability to emerge throughout the growing season. Kazantseva AS; Tuganaev VV, 1972. Zubkov A F, 1987. Initially it is white, but gradually darkens over the two-week period the insect remains in this stage. It can be distinguished from the non-native and weedy Black-bindweed ( Fallopia convolvulus ) which has less distinct leaf veins and unbranched, sparser racemes of flowers which barely open, and it also lacks the ring of cilia hairs at the base of the ocreae. Pochvoznanie, Agrokhimiya i Rastitelna Zashchita, 22(3):118-124; 6 ref. By climbing up the crop, F. convolvulus causes lodging in grain crops (Neururer, 1961; Hume et al., 1983), and can cause harvesting problems when its vines wrap around moving parts of machinery (Forsberg and Best, 1964; Fabricius and Nalewaja, 1968). On the joint action of herbicides. In: Flora of North America North of Mexico. In: Produkcja Roslinna, 112 (1/2) 169-182. It seems that delaying sowing could affect weed infestation by enhancing weed germination prior to crop sowing through the establishment of a false or stale seedbed (Buhler, 2002). xlix + 391 pp. Jordan MJ; Nadelhoffer KJ; Fry B, 1997. The response of individual plant yield to weed density. Amino acid and proximate analyses of weed seeds. Informatore Fitopatologico, 40(7/8):39-43. Pamietnik Pulawski, 88:191-204. Informatore Agrario. I. Skutecznosc chwastobojcza herbicydu. Dochkova B, 1972. Canadian Journal of Botany, 71(7):919-926. Symposium on integrated weed management in cereals. Other Polyphenols. convolvulus is a fast-growing herb that behaves as annual and perennial herb. The effect of long-term fertilizer use on soil properties and weed infestation of rye, spring barley, Sinapis alba and potato crops. Based on data published in various volumes of Proceedings BCPC Weed Control Conference, Brighton (1989). Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 57(1):243-249. unpaginated. Fibre flax. The weediness of cereals. Bazdyrev GI; Kupryushkin VA; Lyutov VN; Ontpv AKh, 1984. Meisel K, 1979. Himme M van; Stryckers J; Bulcke R, 1983. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Members of the Polygonaceae are very diverse in habit ranging from annual and perennial herbs  to shrubs, lianas and trees. Weed Science, 16:204 208. Moscow, 2:719-720. Herbicidal activity of the microbial metabolite citrinin. Version 1.1. East Africa. Comptes Rendu du 7eme Colloque International sur l'Ecologie, la Biologie et la Systematique des Mauvaises Herbes. Dicotyledonous annual weeds. Paris, France: COLUMA/EWRS, 1:421-429. Currently, it is listed as invasive in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Australia, New Caledonia, and New Zealand (Webb et al., 1988; MacKee, 1994; Wilson, 2008; Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong, 2012), but it is also ranked as a serious weed in 20 crops in more than 41 countries around the world (Holm et al., 1991). Mahn EG, 1984. http://botany.si.edu/Antilles/WestIndies/catalog.htm. Taxonomic studies on selected species of the genus Polygonum L. (Polygonaceae) in South India. In this equation (Figure 2), the reciprocal of individual plant or plant part weight (w) is linearly related to weed density (n) in an equation of the form: Figure 2. Hoffman-Kakol I; Dzienia S; Stankiewicz J, 1982. Seed bank and weed control. Aleksinas A P, 1984. Weed Flora of Wheat Crop Reported From Different Wheat-Growing Countries of World. We do not use these to store personal information about you.Continuing to use this website means you agree to … Managed forests, plantations and orchards, Tropical monsoon climate ( < 60mm precipitation driest month but > (100 - [total annual precipitation(mm}/25])), As - Tropical savanna climate with dry summer, < 60mm precipitation driest month (in summer) and < (100 - [total annual precipitation{mm}/25]), Aw - Tropical wet and dry savanna climate, < 60mm precipitation driest month (in winter) and < (100 - [total annual precipitation{mm}/25]), Cf - Warm temperate climate, wet all year, Warm average temp. However, it is known as a serious pest principally in the western portion of its range—British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. Thus, Porsild et al. Jugoslovenski Simpozium o Borbi protiv Korova u Brdsko-Planinskim Podrucjima, Sarajeva, 1973, 61-66. 101-128. (Einsatz von Starane in Mais.). Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira, 24(9):1131-1137. Uppsala, Sweden: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 33:163-170. Bromus spp. Weeds and weed control. Mongolia. Economic returns from broadleaf weed control in hard red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum). Imazamethabenz: results of 1986 field trials. Control of foxtail grass and broad-leaved weeds in barley with propanil. 24 (1), 44-46. saccharifera (sugarbeet), Debris and waste associated with human activities, http://botany.si.edu/Antilles/WestIndies/catalog.htm, http://www.fao.org/agriculture/crops/thematic-sitemap/theme/biodiversity/weeds/listweeds/pol-con/en/, http://www.efloras.org/flora_page.aspx?flora_id=2, http://www.efloras.org/flora_page.aspx?flora_id=5, Jordan MJ; Nadelhoffer KJ; Fry B, 1997. Because of its deep root system, it is rather unaffected by drought or low nitrogen levels. Nati D, 1994. Iran. Informatore Agrario, 51(10):81-91. Lauer E, 1953. Plant Physiology, 80(4):834-837; 17 ref. Bryan IB; Rice MJ; Bartley MR; Jutsum AR; Pastushok G, 1995. Most other species have specific germination periods (Table 5.1); some are mainly autumn germinating such as black-grass whereas others such as black-bindweed, redshank, knotgrass and fat hen germinate in the spring. In Africa it occurs in North Africa, on the east coast and in South Africa. Weed control in direct-drilled tomatoes. ], 74. They are laid singly or in small clusters and require 2–3 weeks for hatching. Hydroxycornexistin: a new phytotoxin from Paecilomyces variotii. Thomas AG; Donaghy DI, 1991. and vine biomass or tuber yield (Love et al., 1995). Environmental RequirementsF. Hohenheim, Germany: University of Hohenheim. Second edition. After 20 yr of burial, 2986 seeds m−2 were identified by the germination method, with Rumex obtusifolius being dominant and Carex oxyandra, Poa pratensis and Viola grypoceras quite common (Tsuyuzaki and Goto, 2001). Seeds from plants of Senna obtusifolia watered at 1-, 2- and 7-day intervals with 25%-strength Hoagland’s solution did not differ significantly in germination (Tungate et al., 2002). Prior to flowering, F. convolvulus may be mistaken for Convolvulus arvensis, as both have twining greenish stems and leaves of similar shape. In: Sovershenstvovanie khimicheskogo metoda bor'by s sornyakami. Weed Science, 45(1):67-76. Proceedings of the 7th British Weed Control Conference, 2:607-613. Bigfork, Montana, USA. Applicability of herbicides in onions and their effect on yield level. The emergence and plant development of wild buckwheat (Polygonum convolvulus L.). Weed control in wheat. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. Slagelse, Denmark: Department of Weed Control and Pesticide Ecology. A geographical atlas of world weeds. ], 66. Control of foxtail grass and broad-leaved weeds in barley with propanil. 67-72. Erviö R, Hyvärinen S, Erviö L R, Salonen J, 1994. [Proceedings of the 1993 Congress of the Spanish Weed Science Society, Lugo, Spain, 1-3 December 1993. The collared lemming is an animal of arctic and alpine tundra and no longer lives in the Miller Creek area. 33 (1), 34-43. Mycological Research, 98(2):231-240. Thomas AG; Wise RF, 1989. Flora of New Zealand, Volume IV: Naturalised pteridophytes, gymnosperms, dicotyledons. Polygonum lapathifolium; pale willow weed), Tetradymia canescens (spineless horsebrush). (Ergebnisse eines Stichprobenverfahrens zur Erfassung und Bewertung grossräumiger Veränderungen der Ackerunkrautvegetation.). In Queensland this weed first evolved resistance to Group B/2 herbicides in 1993 and infests Wheat. Terra e Sole, 49(625):426-428, Nemeth I, 1985. Proceedings, Southern Weed Science Society, 36th Annual Meeting, 348. Khimiya v Sel'skom Khozyaistve, 12:34-35. Impact of weed competition on potato production. Zastita Bilja, 38(4):387-395, Drazic D; Glusac D, 1991. Black bindweed’s southern look-alike, copse-bindweed can be distinguished by that its outer perianth segments have a dorsal wing and they are smooth, the leaves are more triangular, and the stem usually smooth. Fallopia cilinode has bristles at the base of the sheath, leaves with narrower spacing between the basal lobes and achenes that are shiny and smooth. The problem of weed infestation in the Pleven district. Weed resistance to chlorsulfuron and atrazine from the north-east grain region of Australia. Experiences in the use of expanding harrows (flexible harrows) for weed control. The hard seed coat allows seeds to remain dormant for several years (Chippendale and Milton, 1934, Roberts and Feast, 1973, Conn and Deck, 1995). H. Kollataja w Krakowie, Rolictwo, 29:77-91. Terra e Sole. Grown without competition, Stevens (1932) reported fecundity of 11,900 seeds per plant, and Forsberg and Best (1964) obtained up to 30,000 seeds from plants that emerged early in the growing season. In: Biology and ecology of weeds [Holzner, W. and Numata, M. (Editors)], The Hague, Netherlands: Dr. W. Junk. Two further Fallopia species which could be confused with F. convolvulus in Canada (Hume et al. Franke et al. Residual weed damage in winter wheat after 2,4-D application. Larsson M, 1994. Resveratrol (3,5,4’-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene) is a polyphenolic compound naturally present in red wine (red grape skin and seeds), blueberries, peanuts, cocoa and dark chocolate, and the roots of Japanese and Chinese knotweed (Fallopia … Italy. Acta Agronomica Ovariensis, 37(2):145-152. Proceedings, 1983 North Central Weed Control Conference, 76. Bouma E, Weide R Y van der, Floot H W G, 1996. Neururer H, 1990. Weed flora of vineyards. Chancellor RJ, 1964. Forsberg DE, 1955. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research, 14 (1):64-71. Revised edition. (Ukrudtsplanter og Ukrudtsbekæmpelse)., København, Landhusholdningsselskabets Forlag.
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