But it’s never a bad thing to splurge a little bit on products that you love. This Vitamin C Serum is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that bring strength to the skin. When I put it on, it quickly absorbed into my skin and I didn’t even notice it was there. My first kit was the 2017 version, this is the 2018 version, and soon the 2019 version will be released. They can be used alone or as a regimen to get the best results. So I recently realized that I am a grown up now and its probably time for me to step up my skincare routine and start using stuff like eye creams and serums?? It is formulated with lots of different ingredients that help replenish and soothe the skin. It promotes the growth of collagen in the skin giving your skin the strength it needs. Having a good sunscreen in your skincare regimen is so important, as sun damage is the number one cause of aging skin. DEALHITCH - Proudly Powered by WordPress. I will definitely continue to keep on using it! November 16, 2019. Firmy - The Day Kit ($127 Value) T.L.C. It radiates luxury while feeling amazing on the skin. If you do use it more than once a day, you’ll find that it can strip your skin and make it feel irritated or dry. Under the GDPR regulations browser cookies are now considered pseudo-anonymized personal data and since we use cookies to track browsing behavior and deliver relevant advertisements to you we would like to get your permission to do so. It is great for all skin types ranging from super oily to super dry. Serious skin, hair and body care heroes that don’t take themselves super seriously, Drunk Elephant’s rise to the top of the industry pops has been (rightfully!) August 19, 2017 August 19, 2017 nadiaslove . Also, Drunk Elephant is completely cruelty-free, so it is great for people wanting to shop ethically. The only thing I will say about this product is that it pilled when I began to rub it in too much – this is my biggest skincare pet peeve! Even. Anyone terribly curious about the new Drunk Elephant Haircare Collection? The formula is completely sheer. It feels super lightweight on the skin. Hello! Any heavy oils aren’t supposed to be used with lash extensions. Theme by 17th Avenue. To avoid this, I patted in the product with my fingertips instead of rubbing or using sweeping motions. From someone who has combination skin that is also very sensitive, this eye cream didn’t irritate my skin in the slightest. On-The-Go Midis + Littles; Hair Care; Body Care; Gifts + Kits; Gift Card; Drunk Life; Our Philosophy; Smoothie Glossary; LOGIN Softy - The Baby Kit ($144 Value) Protini™ Polypeptide Cream. The Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense is a toss-up for a lot of people. The transparency with Drunk Elephant is one of the reasons users love them so much. As a result, it improves the skin’s texture and overall complexion. It is free from any fragrances or essential oils that might irritate the skin. Good + Ready Kit ($89 Value) F-Balm™ Electrolyte Waterfacial Midi. Now even though it says it is formulated without any fragrance or essential oils, the scent is just way too overpowering. A beauty and health obsessive girl sharing my passions with the world. Sukari Babyfacial™ Firmy - The Day Kit ($127 Value) The Littles™ 4.0 ($126 Value) Glowy - The Night Kit ($146 Value) T.L.C. One thing you definitely have to remember when using this product is that a little bit goes a long way. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. It also works for more mature skin, as it helps fight signs of aging in the skin. The tl;dr of it is: I liked having the opportunity to try out a lot of DE products for a tolerable price, but as you can see, the results are meh and don't warrant a repurchase from me. By doing this, it improves the skin’s texture by making it feel more smooth and evened out. I love drunk elephant products! Moreover, they explicitly state which of their products are vegan and which are not. Also, if you use too much, it can possibly leave a sticky residue behind. The first thing I noticed about this eye cream is that it felt super hydrating underneath my eyes. Rather than typical sulfates that are harsh on the skin, this product is formulated with very mild surfactants. It made my under eyes appear less dark and more evened out which was great. This product is also formulated with Raspberry Fruit Extract which aids in hydrating and soothing the skin. This little kit is definitely the best way to discover the brand as a whole and try out the individual products for a fraction of the cost. I have mixed feelings about the C-Firma Day Serum. It provides the right amount of hydration without feeling too heavy on the skin. But let’s get into some of the positives. It is great for all skin types ranging from super oily to super dry. Only after a few days of using this moisturizer, I noticed that my skin felt and looked much more even and hydrated. Dearly beloved and highly coveted, Drunk Elephant has been leading the pack of the skincare game ever since its buzz-worthy launch back in 2012. For those of us with dry or combination skin, this serum just isn’t enough for the skin to feel completely moisturized. Now that I don’t have them, I have been using these products like crazy. So here we have; But given that they were released just before the uncertainty that is lockdown, I wasn’t exactly as keen as normal to part with ££. Since they are miniature-sized products, you won’t feel like you’re wasting a whole product if you aren’t so in love with it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This serum is formulated without the use of fragrance or essential oils. I realized I better, Is it a good time to step out of the shadows? Perfect for travel! Review: The Drunk Elephant Little Kits 4.0 + Entire Brand Review. While an half full container is not the Seller's doing I await a response as to the best way to proceed given all the products are now used as of this morning. If you’re looking to try all the a brand has to offer, starting out with one of their starter sets is one of the easiest and most cost effective methods out there, even for more luxury or premium skincare brands. It doesn’t strip the skin of any of its natural oils. In fact, it is probably one of the best night serums I have tried. And as far as the scent goes, it isn’t overwhelming or too strong at all. Drunk Elephant C Tango Eye Cream Review C-Tango is a rich eye cream featuring a brightening combination of eight peptides, five forms of vitamin C and cucumber extracts. Dewy - The Polypeptide Kit ($108 Value) T.L.C. I feel like you get a lot for your money when buying this set, especially with how highly-priced Drunk Elephant is! We'll get right to the point - our entire site is 20% off! It is made with ingredients like Glycerin and Cantaloupe Fruit Extract which both aid in hydration and soothe the skin. Also, a lot of eye creams are way too heavy under my eyes, and this one was not! The Littles set is meant for anyone wanting to try Drunk Elephant for the first time. It tones and evens out the complexion in little time. So if you have any interest in skincare, you have probably heard by now the brand called Drunk Elephant. It works for sensitive and acne-prone skin, as it is free from fragrances and essential oils. It feels super lightweight on the skin – almost like you have nothing on your skin at all! And when you look at what other reviewers are saying too, the strong scent is a common concern. Also, if you’re planning on wearing this under makeup, think again. The Protini Polypeptide Cream is a moisturizer that contains proteins and skin-loving ingredients. This night serum is formulated with AHAs and BHAs to lift away dead skin cells without causing any damage to the skin. Drunk Elephant is entirely too expensive to accept anything less than full travel size products, which I am testing out to see if I like this line. And after trying all 8 of these products for yourself, you’ll get a better picture of whether you want to continue buying from Drunk Elephant. Night Time Routine day 1 – Last night i used the peeke bar because i was to try the overnight serum which has its own chemical exfoliation and i didnt want to over exfoliate. So when Drunk Elephant released a whole hair and body line, I knew that I would have to pick up some bits. Therefore, you shouldn’t be using it more than once a day. Also, it is formulated without the use of fragrance or essential oils. This lightweight bio-available oil helps draw serums deeper into pores. Over time, your skin will definitely yield the benefits. Here on Frivolous Girl you'll find content like beauty reviews, my journey with acne, and articles about health, food and lifestyle. Overall, I think this set was definitely worth the price. I have fine lines, wrinkles, some visible pores, and some loss of volume and firmness in my skin. In fact, I really didn’t even notice it all that much. These ingredients bring strength back into your skin. Drunk Elephant The Littles Review. Required fields are marked *. Offering more than just stunning packaging, Drunk Elephant raised the bar by creating products that actually work, without the use of harmful chemicals. Hey there! This new Drunk Elephant The Littles Head to Toe gives you a chance to try it all out! Drunk Elephant is a skin care brand founded by Tiffany Masterson in 2013. This means that it attracts moisture and keeps it locked in the skin for long-lasting hydration. These are just enough to lather the formula on the skin. Day 2 – Drunk Elephant The Littles Review! My under eyes are a big concern of mine, and this product made them look and feel much more hydrated. Not only is this cleanser gentle, but it is also super lightweight on the skin. Also, it can tend to leave a sticky or tacky residue that no one likes. We never collect sensitive information and do not sell any of the data we collect. On-The-Go Midis + Littles; Hair Care; Body Care; Gifts + Kits; Gift Card; Drunk Life; Our Philosophy; Smoothie Glossary; LOGIN The Trunk 4.0 ($638 Value) Protini™ Polypeptide Cream . Drunk Elephant The Littles I really like this set because it comes with a variety of different products to try. Details. Also, Drunk Elephant is completely cruelty-free, so it is great for people wanting to shop ethically. I used to have adult acne, and even though I no longer have acne, I still have to be VERY careful. It is not hydrating in the slightest. I’m 44 years old, my skin is a little dehydrated. This is such a great deal considering the items have a combined retail value of $126.00. Straight from the "pip" of the marula fruit, Drunk Elephant's Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil remains in its purest form. After trying each one of these products out for the first time, here is an honest first impression of what I thought! I'm Isabel. If you are looking to try a variety of Drunk Elephant products but not sure if you want to commit to full-sized packages, The Littles set is for you! Moreover, they explicitly state which of their products are vegan and which are not. It felt super lightweight and quickly absorbed into my skin which I loved. They mention that it is best used at night to remove excess makeup and cleanse the skin of any dirt and debris it’s collected throughout the day. For one, it has SPF 30 in it which helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Shine sans Sulfates: Drunk Elephant Shampoo is a New Favorite . It is suitable for all skin types ranging from super dry to super oily. Glowy - The Night Kit ($146 Value) C-Firma™ Day Serum. The Drunk Elephant C-Tango moisturises my under eyes really well and has made the area softer, smoother, and firmer. So in the midst of my experimenting, Drunk Elephant was a beacon of light. Vitamin C serums are super big right now and for good reason! The best way to snap up a slice of the most-wanted skin care range ever, Drunk Elephant's The Littles 4.0 will instantly convince you of this brand’s brilliance. Dewy - The Polypeptide Kit ($108 Value) T.L.C. For Christmas, I wished and got the Drunk Elephant The Littles 2.0. Well I wasn’t sure where to start so what better way to research than instagram! This leaves buyers wary of trying them out in fear that they will be wasting their money. With omegas 6 and 9, it nourishes the skin and makes it look and feel smoother. By clicking accept or continue to browse this site you are giving your consent and this window will disappear. Named for pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), a humectant that helps skin absorb and retain moisture. Drunk Elephant has become one of the biggest skincare brands in the business and I definitely understand why. I have been using Drunk Elephant's "The Littles" for about 40 days now, utilizing all but the eye cream every day. Here's my how to use, before/after, and review for oily, acne prone, and sensitive skin.
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