Traveling light in Costa Rica is typically pretty easy, but will depend on how long you stay, where you go and what you do. February is the middle of the dry season in Costa Rica’s Central Valley and Pacific beaches. As a popular month for travel in general, international flights to/from Costa Rica tend to be average or above-average in price for visits during February, save for seat sales and other flight discounts. Another opportunity is coming up even sooner. February is usually the month when the sailfish come here in numbers. . What did you experience? If you’re a single traveler visiting Costa Rica in February, you’re in luck! For more information, please visit DIY Costa Rica. Costa Rica in January / Costa Rica in March / Costa Rica in April / Costa Rica in May / Costa Rica in June / Costa Rica in July / Costa Rica in August / Costa Rica in September / Costa Rica in October / Costa Rica in November / Costa Rica in December. Last updated on July 23rd, 2020 at 08:15 pm EST, Pictured above (left to right): Great bird-watching at the Cano Negro Mixed Wildlife Refuge; Tour group heading out on a horseback riding tour; Dry landscape around Playa Hermosa (Guanacaste). Browse our Costa Rica blogs to learn everything you need to know about staying safe in Costa Rica, including Costa Rica safety tips and ways to keep a level head while traveling. Inc., home to hundreds of free discounts for Costa Rica day tours, our “best of Costa Rica” compilation DIY Costa Rica, our free Costa Rica Trip Planning 101 E-Course, and our Costa Rica travel guidebook, Moon Costa Rica (2019), published by the prestigious Moon Travel Guides. Looking for a writer, blogger, travel journalist, proofreader, copywriter, and/or Spanish/English translator/editor? eh? Also, the lack of rainfall received during February reduces road delays caused by landslides, the need to navigate river crossings, and the mess that comes with driving on rutted dirt roads that have turned to mud. If you’re just setting out on this journey, review our introductory Costa Rica trip-planning resources first. Click here to learn more. Browse our Costa Rica blogs to read our responses to some of the most common questions we receive about Costa Rica, including questions about white-water rafting in Costa Rica, questions about zip-lining in Costa Rica, questions about visiting the hot springs in Costa Rica, and more! All content, concepts, and photos (unless credited otherwise) property of Ricky and Nikki Solano. San Isidro del General Fiestas. In our opinion, February is one of the best two months to travel (March being the other best month to visit). Though full tours and activities don’t always sell out during the month of February, specific tour dates, tour times, tour combinations, and tour guides get scooped up quickly. Coronavirus in Costa Rica: Statistics & Travel Advice, Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Vacation in Costa Rica, The Best Places to See Sloths in Costa Rica, Where to Stay in Costa Rica: The Best Places, Cities & Areas (with Local Insights). Please visit our Affordable Costa Rica Vacations page for more details. February is high season and high season pricing will prevail. To learn more, view our detailed Costa Rica Packing List article. February nears the end of the cruise season in Costa Rica, which typically runs from October to March. Browse our Costa Rica blogs to learn everything you need to know about preparing to travel to Costa Rica, including Costa Rica packing information. We appreciate your interest, preference, time, and visit. we are looking into a 10-day trip to costa rica in mid-feb. we know we want to stay in the arenal area for at least 2 nights and perhaps another park for 2-3 additional nights with the last 4-5 nights in a laid back beach area. Costa Rica’s most favorable weather is experienced during the high season, which spans February. - I am planning a trip to Costa Rica in Feb.for first time. Free Costa Rica Discount Codes For Hotels, Shuttles, And Car Rentals. If you’re traveling according to a tight schedule and/or you have specific tours / dates / times / guides in mind, it’s best to book tour and activity experiences as early as you decide on them. This means that waterfalls (for swimming in and canyoning beside) may be less powerful during February than months that fall within the green / wet / rain season; Some waterfalls may be reduced to a trickle. *** LIMITED-TIME DISCOUNT! Inc.). Inc.; the author of the guidebooks Moon Costa Rica 2019 and Moon Costa Rica 2021; and a freelance writer for hire ( ... Book Your Costa Rica Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime at Crocodile Bay Resort Today! We write only what we believe or choose to believe in, and not a word more. COVID-19 UPDATE: Costa Rica's borders are now open to select regions, including many states in the USA!  Follow our article on Coronavirus in Costa Rica for updated information. 2020 Costa Rica trips (73) 2021 Costa Rica trips (79) 2022 Costa Rica trips (64) November 2020 (63) December 2020 (73) January 2021 (74) February 2021 (65) March 2021 (68) April 2021 (65) May 2021 (64) June 2021 (64) December 2021 (64) Join us in the jungle February 21-28, 2022. It’s great to visit during this month if you want to experience Costa Rica when it’s full of energy and doesn’t feel empty, but if you’d rather feel like you’re traveling off the beaten path, vacationing in February should be avoided. This is when accommodation prices and car rental rates are at their highest (note that prices for tours / activities, shared and private transportation services, and food tend to remain the same year-round). eh? Costa Rica in March: Costs, Weather, Wildlife, Roads, Tourism Closures And More! Learn more about Costa Rica’s Rainy Season. Pacific Coast: 69˙- 91˙ F (21˙- 33˙ C) In February, as is the case for 10 of the 12 months on the year, it’s significantly wetter on the Caribbean slope and coast. Never been to Costa Rica and want to experience some of the uniqueness of the country: rainforest, wildlife, nature. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Costa Rica Escapes is a boutique Costa Rica vacation planner who, since 2006, uses extensive knowledge and local relationships to create one-of-a-kind Costa Rica vacations for travelers looking for a unique experience. This landscape is most common along the northern Pacific coast, in both the Guanacaste province and on the Nicoya Peninsula, where much of the land comprises a dry forest ecosystem. February is the month with the least rainfall in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We strive for quality, not quantity, and we never stuff our blog with general information about Costa Rica that is widely available elsewhere. In Tamarindo, Costa Rica, in February, during 5 rainfall days, 2mm (0.1") of precipitation is typically accumulated. QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: Have you been to Costa Rica in February? Average February temperatures for cities and other locations throughout Costa Rica are listed below in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. We also like a bit of luxury. There were two big billfish tournaments held in Costa Rica last month as well: the ladies only Pescadora Billfish Championship held in Quepos from Feb 20-22 and the second leg of the Los Suenos Triple Crown held from Feb 27-29. Costa Rica Weather in February . Tourism in Costa Rica is most efficient and most obvious during high season months including February, especially at popular tourist destinations. Worldwide Reservations: 1-800-733-1115. Browse our Costa Rica blogs to learn everything you need to know about Costa Rica accommodations, including recommendations for where to stay in Costa Rica. San Isidro de General, located in the Talamanca foothills between … DIY Costa Rica provides 100+ unique experience recommendations, each written as a chapter in a book, complete with photo galleries, Costa Rica field notes, experience details, Spanish pronunciation help, links to additional resources, and maps. Our thoughts are influenced by our own travel experiences for the sole purpose of contributing feedback to the greater travel community. I am taking a group to Costa Rica February 17 - 24, 2020.Costa Rica is a wonderful adventure Get the monthly weather forecast for Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Playa San Miguel on the central Nicoya Peninsula. Each place has a total for how many days of wet weather it usually gets this month and for the normal amount of precipitation. Nearly all Costa Rica car rental agencies sell out of their best vehicles during February. If you plan to visit during this month, you can expect larger group sizes for organized tours; average to above-average numbers of hikers on popular nature trails; full hotels (or nearly full hotels), busy restaurants (the most sought after may require prior reservation); transportation vehicles and vessels you’ll likely share with other passengers (i.e., shared shuttle services, domestic flights, water taxis, ferries, and local buses); and higher levels of noise. As you ascend into the mountains of the Central Valley around the Alajuela and San José areas the highs and lows are typically 6-12 degrees cooler. Not only is February right in the middle of the dry or summer season in Costa Rica, but the crowds and pricing also tend to be favorable, as well. Remaining availability for transportation services may not be for the exact route or departure time you want, so it’s best to book transportation services as early as you decide on them. The western and central regions of Costa Rica have sunny hot weather and nearly no rain. COVID-19 has affected everyone. Costa Rica in December Costa Rica in February. Browse our Costa Rica blogs to learn everything you need to know about food and drink in Costa Rica, including recommendations for things to eat in Costa Rica, drinks to try in Costa Rica, and Costa Rican recipes so you can re-create Costa Rican meals in your own home!
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