• Motor caravans whose DGVW is 3,500 kg or less will be tested as LCV. Adele Gardner . Choosing which is best for your lifestyle isn’t always easy either – but there are a few things on which most people seem to agree. A caravan, travel trailer, camper or camper trailer is towed behind a road vehicle to provide a place to sleep which is more comfortable and protected than a tent (although there are fold-down trailer tents). The term campervan usually refers to a smaller 2 to 3 berth vehicle. Campervan Reversing Camera – buyers guide, Campervan T Shirts – our original designs, Using your Campervan or Motorhome in Winter, Gifts for Campervan Owners – Ideas & Inspiration. Share. Campervan vs Motorhome. Both have their pros and cons. Do motor caravans require testing? 3. A caravan as a coachbuilt vehicle typically has wider walls which contain more insulation. Am thinking laterally about holidays for the future and wonder, apart from the obvious difference in cost, what are the advantages/disadvantages in owning and holidaying a campervan v. caravan … For example, a motorhome is much better suited to a single traveller, because it eliminates the challenges of setting up, packing up, and parking a caravan. Personally, I think panel van conversions can be either-or. This is definitely at odds with other mainstream motoring shows (Top Gear). Sure you could try a remap, but that’s about it. What are the Best Leisure Batteries in 2020 for Caravans/Motorhomes? You know there’ll be some hitching up to do and some setting up once on site, but you’ll get used to that. For me, when I think of a campervan I think of the most mobile of leisure vehicles. The caravan is generally better for the single-location, long-term stay as you can leave it behind if you need to head out on a quick milk run. In a motorhome this can be as simple as leveling the rig with electric jacks and hooking up the utilities. The Fifth Gear conclusion was to opt for a caravan. Towing consists of using your car to pull a trailer behind you. I do want to acknowledge that in Andrews video above he is comparing a panel van conversion (toilet/shower included). So the first video I wish to reference is from the motoring show Fifth Gear. Each has its advantages over the other. Touring caravan. Camping and Caravanning Club. They set a total price of outfit figure of £60,000. With a motorhome, your existing vehicle is a far better asset to use as trade-in or to sell privately to help finance your upgrade. This advantage is very subjective in terms of whether a caravan is more secure than a campervan. The base prices for campervans and motorhomes are much higher, especially for the options that are spacious and new. If you have been on the road for many hours towing a caravan it is nice to be able to completely separate yourself from the car. Click Here to browse our original designs. They also determined that while the commuting experience was better with the campervan (not having to tow) the on-site experience was better in the caravan due to the additional space and facilities (toilet and shower). Furthermore, if you have an alde heating system in a campervan/motorhome you can have a heat exchanger which captures heat from the engine while driving to add additional heat into the living space. Disclaimer: Hey! Hence, as Andrew states in the video, if you are as equally interested in the journey to your destination as the destination itself, a campervan may be more suitable for you. That’s why for instance several of our guests have upgraded to refillable gas bottles, to reduce their gas costs. You’re on your way to buying a caravan. In other words, once you arrive at the caravan site and you have uncoupled the car and caravan you can travel around in your car even more freely than in a campervan. When the holidays are approaching, many people start to get overwhelmed with things like what to put in the suitcase, how not to spend more money with their luggage and what’s allowed by the airlines, how to move around or stay at their destination carrying all their stuff. Easier and quicker to set up than a caravan. However, I think the point around security is more to do with context. Hence, if you visit Amazon through one of our links and decide to purchase a product we receive a small commission with no additional cost to you. That 500kg payload limit is not present on smaller campervans, or even that £60,000 Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo. As mentioned above, caravans experience a far higher depreciation than a motorhome, with a 20 year old camper van being worth a lot more than a 20 year old caravan of the same standard. With a car and caravan, there is just so many more combinations and options to choose from. Each has its own positives and negatives, pros and cons. However, when comparing your average campervan and entry-level caravan, the caravan is going to provide you with much more living and storage space. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel advice and restrictions are frequently changing. Caravan Club membership costs £51 a year and you can recoup the cost pretty quickly in savings you make staying at their own sites. Weigh up your circumstances and decide what it is you want from your home on wheels? Does it feature a dedicated toilet and shower space, yes it does. You also won’t have to go through the dilemma of choosing a 2WD vs 4WD tow car. Share this page Share this page Open/close share. If your not sure what a panel van conversion is compared to a coach built motorhome please read my post on motorhome classes and types. However, it is worth noting, modern caravans heat up much more quickly. Say you want to travel to a city centre. Hence, with a car and caravan along those same roads, you may get stuck. Caravan Steps – What’s Best, Plastic or Metal Steps? Though it is true that residual values will be high on a campervan (slow depreciation) which does have its merits. Therefore, generally its not possible to fit in as much insulation, so they lose heat more readily. As the cabin and the habitation area of a campervan are as one they are the same warm temperature once you reach your campsite. The choice is yours. Colorado based minivan campervan design and conversion services. There are cheaper/more affordable campervan options than a Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo. With a caravan, you may also have an awning which takes additional time. This covers the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo and Antares 485 being towed by a Volvo XC60. The second is from someone who pretty much lives and breathes campervans, motorhomes and caravans on a daily basis, Andrew Ditton. A Camper Trailer’s towing height is lower than a Hybrid Camper for easier rear-view visibility, and narrower than a Caravan for better manoeuvrability on or off road depending on the model. So, in summary, neither the motorhome nor the touring caravan is the outright winner. A touring caravan is an individual trailer that has to be towed, where a motorhome is a self-contained vehicle that can be driven. While many campervans include bathrooms and kitchens, they are typically more compact than the average motorhome and are more frequently used to describe the van style campers you see in rental fleets. If you do wish to do winter touring it is a different experience in a campervan compared to a caravan. There is always going to be a certain level of nerves when traveling to a unfamiliar campsite: is the road going to be wide enough? And another big bonus – you haven’t got any road tax, MOT, or insurance to pay! A motorhome has an issue on site in that you may have some of the same problems as you had at home, if you want to go into town you may find difficulty manoeuvring and parking. Buying a Caravan. What’s the difference between a campervan and motorhome? However, are your possessions more secure inside a caravan than a campervan? Caravans have grown in features and become heavier and cars have strict limits on towing weights. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Well, adventuring in a caravan involves a bit more planning. As Andrew states, with a car and caravan, there is a payload allowance within the car as well. Do you have the space to store it on your drive at home, or can you even legally do so? As Andrew states, once you get out of the car and into the caravan you ‘leave the business part of the experience behind’. As a lover of the freedom and excitement that having your own home on wheels affords you, plus lots of experience of travelling in both a campervan and a caravan, I am here to sum up what I see as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Hi, I’m Chris, along with my father Robert we operate and maintain Horton Common Caravan Site. Each has its advantages over the other. It also means you can accommodate more people. Well, if you plan on going wild camping with a caravan in tow you better be confident in your reversing abilities. A camper trailer This pop-top home on wheels is a lightweight, convenient option that you tow behind your car. Caravan These activities demand the use of a smaller vehicle or can also limit which places you can visit. The motorhome has a hot indoor shower which is great if the weather’s not, and if your caravan park facilities are less than ideal. Plus, it may require a larger vehicle to be able to tow the extra weight. Your essential guide to buying a house on wheels. Both have their good points, and the freedom they afford is beyond question, so how do you choose which would be the best one for you? There’s actually a fair bit of difference between a camper trailer, caravan, campervan or motorhome. Motorhomes vs. Caravans. Campervan. However, with travel options being limited in 2020, investing in this type of mobile accommodation is an excellent way to explore your state and enjoy some time away from your hometown. I do want to acknowledge that in Andrews video above he is comparing a panel van conversion (toilet/shower included). Dec 22, 2020. If the 10 advantage of a campervan below particularly ‘speak to you’ then a campervan may be your best option. Minivan Campervan Conversions. Caravan vs Campervan. I’ve tried to explain these in this article, based on my experience of owning both a motorhome and a caravan. Basic Campervan vs Panel Van Conversions. However, some modern tow cars are actually creating some fridge problems while towing. Andrew goes through 10 advantages for a campervan and 10 advantages for a caravan. Do you want to travel, see the sights and have plenty of adventures along the way? As you can see, when compared to other forms of travel, owning a motorhome or caravan can be a cost effective option with a low cost of ownership. It will keep things cold, fresh and dry. They concluded on a cost to value comparison you get a better deal with their car and caravan combination over the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo. The pop top slide out bed style are good but about the same or longer setup as camper trailer for long term travel and you have less places to take them. Though obviously not on Horton Common with our fully serviced pitches :). Money Finding your car expensive? Caravan versus camper trailer. Something I would quickly add though is a point about towing mirrors. Take your budget into account before you go for the caravan option. Therefore a campervan may cost more to heat and you may use more gas. An awning is also a handy space to leave wet boots and waterproofs in case of the inevitable rainy day. A travel trailer is an RV that hitches to the bed of your truck and follows behind you. Campervan Criteria 1: Low Vehicle Height. When caravanning you tend to have a planned route to your intended final location to avoid issues. Looking to cut back your spending? An awning might be a good idea to store those! Yes, it is great that you take your home with you wherever you go, but if you wake up one morning and while your partner is lying sleepily tucked up you offer to make the morning cuppa – then find you’ve run out of milk, you have to pack everything away before you can drive to the shops. Tips for keeping cool in your campervan this summer, Cooking in a campervan: a guide to stoves, hobs & barbeques. To counter that you have Andrew Ditton’s comments on campervans vs caravans. The Camper Van Bible: Live, Eat, Sleep (Repeat). Hopefully the points above will give you some food for thought and will help you to decide. With a campervan, you are much more free to go where you want as and when. Some of the bonus points of a campervan can also be the downsides. As you can see from the images on our website, each pitch has stunning views over the Staffordshire Moorlands and Peak District National Park. If you are a habitual vacationer, you must be horrified with the cost of accommodation which has skyrocketed in the last few years. We tow with a 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab — to fit our 4 kids, dog and a cat. However, generally, a car has better suspension and handling than a campervan which is typically based on a commercial vehicle. In running a motorhome and a day-to-day vehicle there will be associated engine maintenance costs. Below I’ve referenced two videos on the topic of which is better a campervan or a caravan. You have a lot more freedom and flexibility with a campervan. Camper is a synonym of caravan. Differences between general RVs and Caravans Recreational Vehicle vs. Caravan. Campervan Vs Caravan Motorhomes, Campervans & Caravans. I’ve had guests to Horton Common who would argue both sides. While a campervan will provide an instantly available warm living space when you arrive on-site, its not going to hold that heat as well as a caravan. Whether you choose a caravan or camper trailer, here’s how to tow it. With the Fifth Gear perspective their opinions are based from a perspective of using neither a caravan or campervan frequently (if ever). Whether you choose a caravan or camper trailer, here’s how to tow it. To depart, simply reverse the steps. How significant this cost difference would be is obviously relative to how many times each year you would be making such a ferry crossing. I’m not sure how common these covenants are, but I have heard about them referenced in the past. They set a total price of outfit figure of £60,000. If a panel van does have these facilities then I personally regard it as a motorhome. If anyone in your group has certain dietary requirements, or you need quick/easy access to your own toilet/bed then a campervan can provide that. As I get to see so many different campervans and caravans each year and talk to their owners I’ve been asked on several occasions by people who don’t own such a vehicle which is best? I reckon choose either caravan or off road camper trailer. I’ve tried to explain these in this article, based on my experience of owning both a motorhome and a caravan. This is due to improved heating systems and better insulation, more about that below. Now, this does obviously depend on the campervan in question and its specific facilities, but the general principle stands. I'm a mummy with a passion for travel and writing. That’s obviously not the case with a caravan and tow car. An affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk and other sites. Campervan v caravan holiday (23 Posts) Add message | Report. And of course, you can’t just stop and pop the kettle on like you can in a campervan! Then start here! There’s no stopping and taking in the sights – you are much more concerned with taking the best and quickest route to your campsite. Caravan vs Motorhome . Losing your space isn't really an issue as most sites have booked stances. The top reason many RVers give up on the lifestyle is towing. After years of full time travel, a family weighs up the pros and cons of travelling in a caravan vs camper trailer, from set up time and weather to offroad ability. Can't choose between a camper van, motorhome, or caravan? Please also be aware, hortoncommon.co.uk is a participant in affiliate programs for Webgains Ltd, Awin Ltd and the Amazon EU Associates Programme. Tent. When your car is not towing the caravan you must remove the towing mirrors to comply with the law. Therefore, while I personally regard such a vehicle a proper motorhome, for the sake of this post its a campervan. Likewise, I have guests who have an older but reliable tow car but like to update their caravan every couple of years. The big down side of a campervan over a caravan is that you have to pay road tax, MOT, and insurance on it. Here’s the basics. With a motorhome, you’ll always only have one, fairly large and cumbersome, vehicle. Furthermore, your caravan stabiliser is working correctly. Therefore, that may be a big tick in the campervan box just for that reason. Caravans are an alternative approach to the same question. For those seeking a more reasonably priced option, second-hand shopping is an alternative route. So, what is the difference between a motorhome and campervan, or an RV versus a caravan? Motorhome/campervan So, Which One Should You Buy? Whether a campervan or caravan is best for you depends on many different factors as you can see above. debatable. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel advice and restrictions are frequently changing. The important factor in many campervan vs motorhome decisions is how much space do you need? For instance, a new Nissan NV-200 campervan can be purchased for around £20,000. This can however also be regarded as a disadvantage, more details below. That additional space means fewer compromises with how you use the living space. Camper is a synonym of caravan. However, that’s what I’m going to try and do with this post. To stop along the way at a small village cafe for instance. We have guests to Horton Common who over the years have swopped from a campervan to a caravan and vice versa. From personal experience, we have guests that return each year and frequently change their tow car but have kept their caravan for many years. In the end, deciding between a camper trailer and a caravan means choosing between the camper trailer’s versatility, flexibility and freedom and the caravan’s outright comfort. A quick caveat though. Flexibility is important when travelling, even for small things like going to the supermarket. With a trailer you have a few extra steps. For the smaller vans, expect to pay around $70,000 to $100,000 new, while the larger vans begin at around $100,000.
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