Now to upgrade your ship you first need to get all of the ship’s green gear to enhancement level +10 (see my bdo enhancement guide ). It can only be built in Epheria's Shipyard (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5) comes with two optional sets of accessories. The Fishing weekly quests only reward 1 x design, which means 2 weekly fishing quests completed. – Available for: Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Sailboat, Improved Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Caravel Enhancement Level 0–5: It can be enhanced with Black Stone (Armor). You will also obtain a free Bartali sailboat using this method. In addition, boatmen can also be attached to an Epheria Sailboat to improve boat performance further. What you can do is to do The Great Expedition: Oquilla’s Eye story questline. Press RMB on this item and follow the guide to the Wharf.2. In addition, boatmen can also be attached to an Epheria Sailboat to improve boat performance further. Craft Quantity: Production Average Rate: Processing Average Rate: Alchemy Average Rate: Processing Proc Avg Rate: Epheria Sailboat: Elise Cannon. When you have finally created the boat you will find the ship license has been placed in the Epheria storage for you to pick up when you are next in town. Epheria Sailboat: Julia Cannon – The Julia Cannon will give your ship AP +10, HP +1000 and can be enhanced for an increase of AP +1, HP +500 each time. It seems rusty but still looks usable on a ship.– Available for: Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, Improved Epheria Sailboat, Improved Epheria FrigateEnhancement Level 1–10: Can be enhanced with Verdant Black StoneYou can perform guaranteed enhancement through the Black Spirit if you have the required amount of enhancement materials. That's for for the last processing prof gain increase which was prof 5 i think? All Items. – You can get an Epheria Galleass by upgrading an Epheria Frigate. Question. BDO. After using it for 1 hour I left it on epheria port by the dock but an user (Tankthat) wrote in global chat that a ship was stuck in the dock and couldnt finish a quest due that, I was in heidel waiting for something in MP and to help that user I remoted collect my Epheria Boat but now it just dissapeared.. level 2 Comment deleted by … 60% Upvoted. (Won't be in game till Jan 25th or whenever Margoria drops. This thread is archived.

After a few quests, you get a free “Ship License: Bartali Sailboat” item. Alchemy Cooking Processing Production Material Nodes. It has enough loading space (30 slots) and capacity (10,000LT), allowing the ship to be advantageous for trades and barters. It uses the [Breezy Crystal] brought from a wharf manager fishing vendor and another better one which is crafted (using these items plus other items). BDO recipe calculator and information for Epheria Sailboat: Blue Wind Sail. They are required for certain boat skills apparently. As of the writing of this article there are 4 different kinds of private boats, with several more subcategories and also some boats that are exclusive to guilds.For the boats everyone can create, there is a raft, a rowboat, a Fishing Boat and the almighty Epheria Sailboat. Sea Monster […] Epheria Old Ship Parts (Green Grade) +10 Enhancement; Old Prow Old Plating Epheria Old Cannon Old Wind Sail; Defense (DP): 15 Damage Reduction: 15 Movement Speed +3%: Defense (DP): 15 Damage Reduction: 15 Weight Limit +100LT: Max Durability +3000 Sea Monster Damage +6000 x1 hit Ships Damage +3425 x1 hits: Max Rations +300 Turn +1.5% – Inventory: 25, Weight Limit: 5,000 LT, Durability: 1,000,000, Ration: 1,000,000, Acceleration: 100%, Speed: 100%, Turn: 110%, Brake: 110% ※ How to Use 1. ... you to actual explore the sea without getting your ship one shot if it was as easy to obtain then this wouldn't be BDO it be every other player friendly mmo that holds your hand #4. npc with feelings. This site was designed with the .com. share. BDO Nexus / Wiki / Improved Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Frigate; Improved Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Frigate . #2: Here is the Marie Cave pine node to the south of Calpheon. However, there is no need to connect Keplan to your town network if you don't want to. After you have registered your boat you can take it out and start sailing in one of the finest ship in Black Desert Online. It is, therefore, a wise choice to use some contribution points to get some workers on at least one of those nodes. DAE. DAE. You can also start production before you have all the materials ready since you are only adding a single material during each production cycle. A green set purchased from wharf vendors, and a blue set that will be built in Epheria's Ship Parts Workshop (2nd floor, Epheria 1-4). and if anyone has the +10 on the blue that'd be awesome! the frigate is harder to craft, has 10% more base stats and 2 cannons each side, the epheria only has 1 cannon each side but it has more inventory slots and weight, basically the sailboat is intended for trading and the frigate for sea hunting. All ship parts add Weight Limit and Rations. Great info here. The Epheria sailboat can only be constructed at a tier 3 shipyard. Epheria Caravel and Epheria Galleass – You can get an Epheria Caravel by upgrading an Epheria Sailboat. Similar Threads [Selling] (EU) 62 WIzard 256ap, VELLS HEART, 3 Bil silver +, Epheria Sailboat, 09/23/2018 - Black Desert Trading - 1 Replies. Pine plywood is made by processing pine planks and pine planks are made by processing pine timber. Epheria Cog – Its default sailing speed is high, but Durability low, making it vulnerable to the sea monsters' attack. Craft Quantity: Production Average Rate: Processing Average Rate: Alchemy Average Rate: Processing Proc Avg Rate: Epheria Sailboat: Lightweight Black Plating. Coal can only be gotten by having workers gather it in coal nodes which are found around Keplan. I do have one question. The only place you can craft the Epheria sailboat is in the shipyard at Port Epheria. Giới thiệu sơ về các Class trong BDO. Proof of ownership of an Epheria Sailboat. I will probably sell my 2nd one.

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