Helpful. Having already recabled my 701s with Black Dragon I really don't think I will bother with the 702s. The AKG K702 are a tool for creating music; AKG has been a recording-studio standard for microphones and headphones for many decades. Replacement Coiled Headphones Cable For Q701 K702 K271 K272 K240 K141 K171 K181. Mackie CR4-X. I was very curious about them and talked to several guys that tried them and didn't hear enough compelling reports to go after them for myself. The K 702 are the new reference for open-back dynamic AKG headphones. This is a professional model which offers a precise articulation and an engrossing and accurate musical representation. The cups of these headphones are neither foldable nor swivel and have no hard carry case to take with safely and comfy. Placement IS super critical with the W5000, but when you get it right it's easy to replicate. AKG K 702 Headphone + PreSonus Studio 24c 2x2 UHD USB Type-C Audio/MIDI … Interestingly, in summary his conclusion was that these were fine cans but that they had some quite significant flaws. Look no further, these are the Ultimate replacements for The K700 Series by AKG. Editors' note: The rating on this review has been raised because of changes in the competitive marketplace. 1. AKG K 702 review: AKG K 702 Far from portable, the K 702 is a very large over-the ear set of headphones, with extra soft velour covered cushions. Kind of ugly, I think. Bass-heavy. AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over-Ear, Semi-Open, Professional Studio Headphones 4.5 out of 5 stars … Someone here wrote up quite a detailed comparison of the Edition9 versus the Sennie 650, ATH-W5000 and ATH-L3000 using a Reference Line mbl front-end and Rudistor RP7-B and RP010-B and MF X-CAN v3 headphone amps. Kind of unforgivable, really, in reviewing these, don't you think? Such a deficiency, he says, is more apparent in listening to Metallica, NIN, Pantera or Linkin Park. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Impedance: 62 Ω Efficiency: 92.9 dB SPL/mW Frequency Response I prefer the 701s, by far, for their bottom to top naturalness and tranaparency. If I were buying new, I'd probably go for the 702s, simply for the cable flexibility, then I'd take them to a can show and try several cables and, finally, buy my favorite cable. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. 6. AKG stays faithful to its reputation and the K 702 are probably one of the best headphones in their category. Are they as good as people say? Their comfortable, specially shaped 3D … $400 $1,000. 2. The K701/702 have a much wider Soundstage than the HD600 and DT880. A cable and jack-mini jack adapter are presented alongside the headphones themselves. Comes with a short mini-plug cord with an extension cable. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Ooh, thanks for the crucial post! The AKG K702 is manufactured by AKG and was added in December 2014 in the Headphones section The best price of the AKG K702 in Canada is $499.99 at Fleet Pro Sound & Lighting In Canada this product is available in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau No one got to listen. Two other pretty compelling reasons against are (i) I am one of those people with the wrong shaped head for that design, I get a pressure point on the top of my head after an hour-or-so with my 701s and have to switch to a some other cans (it's like having to flirt with different girls at a party, what a drag) and (ii) having now got my 701s where I want them I couldn't possibly face another AKG break-in cycle. 9 offers from $119.99. Or do they merit their cost? In fact, the K 702 is nearly identical to the K 701, differing only in finish and headphone cable. Doesn't find the mid/bass weighty enough. Anyhoo, the guy finds K702 to be neutral, with great balance to the sound and suppression of undue coloration, and also finds it to lean toward the bright end of the sound spectrum. free shipping. €113.79. Haven't heard the Denons, but I've got the AT w5000s and find their top end not near as smooth and transparent as the 701. Most stores charge around $1,000 for these reference-class IEMs. In reference to the Denon 7000`s, I think we would all love to hear them. Since the firm's previous punishingly low-sensitivity K-1000 winged ear speakers, the K702 is their current rather more affordable and all'round less demanding circumaural and open-backed professional flagship. (Stephen, are you reading this? Let's round up Amazon's best gems. These traits become apparent in listening to classical music. AKG K 702 Open Back Dynamic Reference Headphones A lot of high-end headphone manufacturers like to portray their designs as "professional" models, but in the case of the AKG K 702 ($539 MSRP… Yeah, I'm feeling no need to start over again with a set of 702s. Yes, same here, never felt at all that the 702`s were anything but a color change. Would love to hear Ultrasone Edition 9s, especially after reading JM's rave about them in a review... probably one of the most overpriced pair of closed cans? Can`t say that for anyone else. And, you have a company (Lawton Audio) already doing modifications. … Hey there friend, and Welcome aboard!! 5 … The word is that Ultrasone unveiled the Edition 8 prototype at the Tokyo show this past month. Definitely didn't get the impression that K702s are a new design, aside from the nice fact that you can choose to swap cables. C $322.68. Was: C $35.20. AKG K712 PRO pros and cons. Like in the design section, the HD 600 and the K702 are similar in most categories in this section, with no clear winner between them. His comments keep coming back to this. Of these, 399 customers have written no texts or given their feedback in another language. Also curious, except the Denons are closed cans, right? They are sealed and I intend to find out exactly how airy and natural they sound! 434 customers have given this product a 5-star rating. Their open design doesn't block any noise and leaks enough to be distracting. Shares. They sounded "less open and airy in the highs" and "all-over-the-place in the bass" with the RP7-B and "no fun at all" with the X-CAN v3. The Best Headphones for Gaming! Last one. The 702 is essentially a K701 in black and comes with a detachable Neutrik-terminated cable. Supposedly the best cans, especially since ttheir closed. Added Video Discussion! Všechny informace o produktu Sluchátko AKG K 702, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze AKG K 702. Listening to Pinnock's Messiah or Brandenburg recordings on Archiv, he is impressed by well-sorted atmosphere of the sound that doesn't detract from the listening experience and the wide soundstage the K702s provide. Maybe it's just the camera angle. For the Sennheiser headphones, the adapter is a snap-on type that makes it seem like the audio cable ends with a 1/4 in (6.3 mm) analog plug by default. I have no trouble with comfort with either the AKGs or ATs, so I can't help you in that regard. A totally open design and a high performance cable complete these reference headphones. The sporty version of Jabra's already wireless earphones have a few extras that put it... Those looking for a major AirPods upgrade, particularly to their sound and design, will... With a new button that links directly to Google Assistant on your phone, Bose's otherwise... Not sure what to watch tonight? Thanks for the heads-up on the Ed8s although looking at them I can't understand what it is that suits them more for portable use than Ed9s (unless it is just that they're easier to drive); they seem just as big and possibly even less 'aerodynamic'. Our Verdict. Performance. The only real longevity issue is the elastic bands that aren’t easily replaced by owners. AKG also improved the cushioned genuine leather headband which increases the comfort andlet you enjoy your K 702 for hours.Furthermore high complex manufacturing processes were applied to let the K 702 appear intheir delicate but robust finish.Finally each K 702 with attached cable is tested individually at the end of the production line to meetour costumers highest quality requirements. Trending at C $294.16 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. They don't emphasize anything. Everything is exactly as it is on your recording. AKG K701 review These AKGs are beautifully built and feel like they’d survive years of use with ease, but there are more entertaining headphones out there Tested at £250.00. Let's round up some of its best gems. For the review, he used Audio Technica AT-HA20 for amping. C $27.25 . 4. The AKG K 702 is an inexpensive way for you to get an impressive sound. The AKG K702 is a sturdy work horse. For headphones K702, K702 Anniversary, K701, Q701, K601, K712 Pro und 612 Pro; Colour: Black; Made of velour; Amount in delivery: 1 piece; These are other customers' choices: Customers who looked at this item have bought these: 60% bought this exact product. AKG K 701 Ultra Reference Class Stereo Headphone Level 1 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,035. $399.99. Audio performance is a vital feature to consider when buying any brand of headphones. He was never too fond of K701s' comfort, as he found that the headband presses down on the top of his head & he says he's disappointed to find that K702 also hasn't changed in ergonimic design. These AKGs are for detail fanatics: they offer staggeringly good insight for the money. I can see Paris Hilton or Daddy Yankee rockin' those. No such problem with the pictures, which are happily all in English. You'll probably need to go to a headphone meet to hear the 'zones for yourself. The main differences are that the K701/702 and HD600 have a darker treble than the brighter sounding 880 with it’s fairly standard peak around 10k. C $28.08 to C $47.45. AKG K 702 Reference-Quality Open-Back Ci... AKG K 702 Reference-Quality Open-Back Circumaural Headphones with Clamp On Headphone Holder and Stereo Mini Male to Stereo Mini Female Extension Cable 25' $383.90: Get the deal: Cheap alternatives. The AKG K700 series of headphones are highly praised for their expansive sound stage and balanced sound profile.
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